Fruit trees for windy location?

shannon111, Jan 7, 4:55am
I'm wondering if there are any hardy type fruit trees that would be ok in a very windy location, we are on a farm in Masterton and are really exposed. We already have a peach tree thats doing really well, any other suggestions!

venna2, Jan 7, 4:56am

dms01, Jan 7, 7:22am
not really a tree, but currants are tough-as.The peach is a good one because the wind probably limits how much leaf-curl spores are around, so maybe some more stonefruit! Cherries ought to be fine also

sue72, Jan 14, 6:37am
i vote feijoas too.ive heard people use for windbreak too

gardie, Jan 23, 10:52am
We have a redcurrant which just has to feel a slight breeze to loose a limb!The plant doesn't get any bigger because the wind blows the branches which snap off - AND its in a pot and sheltered beside our garage.Do the different colours grow differently!If so, we may have to change (no fruit either as it fruits on last years growth!)