Tomatoes not turning red?

lata3, Jan 6, 4:00am
Hi all, i have planted a tomatoe plant(s) for the first time and it is huge, it has lots of massive tomatoes, but they have'nt turned red! Is there something wrong! I fertilise them once a week and water every night. . The fruit have been there for about a month to just under a month.


patxyz, Jan 6, 4:01am
Be patient.They'll turn red when they do

lodgelocum, Jan 6, 4:06am
As above, be patient, my tomato plants are loaded with fruit, can't wait till they are ready but you can't rush it, it will happen.

lata3, Jan 6, 4:09am
Oh awesome thanks guys, i was worried there was something missing or something else i had to do to turn them red!

tonijo, Jan 6, 4:59am
Hard to be patient when there is lots of fruit on the plant isn't it!I found a variety which will start producing ripe fruit before Xmas - it's called Gold Nugget - a yellow cherry tomato that's super yummy.

aeromo, Jan 6, 5:31am
Hope you can beat the birds to them. Blighters!

kevymtnz, Jan 6, 5:39am
i dont understand some bird is into mine and they been hardly touched in the last 5 yrs

jenny188, Jan 6, 7:30am
What type of tomato!. Some only turn orange or yellow. Are they in shade! Red change with ripeness = sun and length of daylight

wheelz, Jan 6, 8:09am
A bit of red acrylic paint should do the trick! Like in Alice in Wonderland, with the queen of hearts painting her white roses red.

megelo, Jan 6, 8:14am
is it a green variety!

lythande1, Jan 6, 6:50pm
You fertilise every week!! You shouldn't have to. I prepared the garden mine are in, planted out and that was it, just some watering since.
They will ripen when ready, once they start then next thing you know, you have loads, but give them time.
And I'd stop feeding them now.

wizid, Jan 7, 1:38am
i planted mine in earlier sept . thay have only just come into fruit a week ago .

arnie62, Jan 7, 4:14am
some ash out of the fire place sprinkled around the base helps them colour up too

guest, Oct 11, 2:57am
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