Yummmmmmy tomatoes ,hows yours?

velenski, Mar 26, 8:35pm
my siberians are doing great ,had a good pile of them so far and they taste great ,should keep producing well into the year.

irenew, Mar 26, 8:45pm
I planted lots of Romas and we've had a wonderful crop too.They're nearly finished now, but we've thoroughly enjoyed this season.

freedreamz, Mar 26, 9:46pm
ours got blight just after xmas so not alot this year, have learnt by my mistakes, next year hoping for great crop

dibble35, Mar 27, 12:14am
Mine are still going, the ripening is slowing down, picking every 3 days now instead of every 2nd, but still getting to many to keep up with. Got 2 double batchs of Tom relish out of them and now am freezing them for using over winter. The plants seem to be holding up well, usually by now they are finished. this is the first year i have sprayed copper so maybe thats why. I got early blight as well just after xmas and lost 1 lot to it and decided to spray the rest.

dibble35, Mar 28, 5:11am
wow what variety is that jojo!

jojonz1, Mar 28, 5:56am
I'm not sure, I was given a heap of them just planted them, some were the acid free ones they were nice and the other were just a round sort of fruit :)

anne1955, Mar 29, 5:01am
Mine just keep going people stop in amazement to look at mine, when I planted them a friend said oh they are too close totogther I just went ok :) I have one that has 7 stackes holding it up.On all mine the stems are thicker than at least 2 thumbs side by side. I don't know what breed they are thought I'd planted a copule of differnt types And I haven't feed them or sprayed them and sometimes I even don't water them.I make a long life pasta sauce each year and run out about 1 month before then next seasons starts.And they are planted in rubbish s**t ground on a sized area about the size of I large extended dinning table.Under planted is chillis and basil with chives.I found the nack is as soon as they start getting much over 1 foot high pick off all leaves that are just talking feed away from plants yes the little latterals on the v joints but as they grow you can see better and better what is not about to turn into flowers and mine are up to well over 4 foot and I am still doing it almost daily.Why keep things that aren't any use and only sucking up water.And allows things to grow under them, slower and things with less hieght.

cameron-albany, Mar 29, 5:51am
yes I had 15 tomato plants this year; about 8 different varieties from small cherries to the big Japanese Triffle and Zapotec Pleated.Yellow, red, white - you name it I had them !Only just pulled them all out now.The season was phenomenal.I think the 'no rain' thing really works for tomatoes.I got absolutely no blight and there wasn't a bad insect in sight !I've got sauces and chutneys in my pantry to last 6 months at least.

dibble35, Mar 29, 6:17am
Yeah. no vege/stink bugs this year, no whitefly, I got some tomato caterpillar make a late appearance but they only got into a few of the bigger varieties. My tommy toe variety is still producing really really well. I was a bit scoffy over the average flavour but as a long time producer it is doing so well.

1rad8, Mar 29, 10:40pm
Same.planted the beefsteak in upside down planter.Got blight.carefully cleaned and dumped the plant.Tried again this time in the pot,got blight again! And this was the first time I planted on this property.But then again,I seem to have all my tomato plants develop blight!

donnabeth, Mar 30, 8:02pm
I'm not sure what happened to them, but only last night decided they must have a disease. Initially they were planted early but all slow to grow, then i found some fruit with slugs and slaters in holes in the side and thought they were attacking the fruit, but the holes all begin as a small spot on the 'shoulder' of the fruit, then the spot turns black and the fruit begins to rot. If I pick them in time, I can cut the damaged piece off and the rest tastes fine. We had a slow start to summer. They were planted out in the tunnel house early, then hit by frosts in November and since Christmas have been subjected to continuous high daytime temperatures. Sometimes even with the vents and door fully open it's dripping with condensation in there.

strebor1, Mar 31, 3:18am
My cherry tomatoes are growing wild and fruit everywhere, a very late season. Although I am still picking runner beans as well. Lovely Shiny Fardenlosa, my favourite!

dollydot, Mar 31, 5:42am
Our sweet 100's are still going but slowing down now with shorter daylight hours.I'll miss putting a hand full in the families lunch boxes each morning.The flavour is great despite little watering and none for the last few weeks.

john1938, Mar 31, 7:00pm
Hi Cameron-albany,Would you consider swapping some seed of your tomatoes, trffel &zapotec. I grow acid free, I have had the same seed for 45 years. evry meaty non acid fruit.Theu are great.

cameron-albany, Apr 1, 5:29am
Hi John - I would LOVE to but unfortunately I was ill-prepared this year and saved no seed at all.which was naughty of me as some of the plants were definite keepers.Look if it's any help I get most of my seeds from Koanga Gardens (of which I am a member) and also from a couple of tried-and-true members on here who sell very good varieties.

My Zapotecs did very well as did the Triffels, and I was also pleased (as usual) with my red and yellow pears.You simply cannot go past them for flavor, yield and reliability.

I have not grown acid-free and I would love to try so will definitely be doing that next year :-)

guest, May 31, 7:02pm
My two favorites this year are the Money mareks we put in and the volunteers that we transplanted from the compost pile. The volunteers were probably from hybrids as they put on all different size and shape fruit but they have produced like crazy which made up for the odd sizes. I planted cherokee purple, yellow pear and brandywine as well. The yellow pear produced well but succumbed to a late blight very quickly, the cherokee purple put on some fruit but they took so long to ripen that they were susceptible to everything and the brandywine are just starting to ripen and seem to be doing the same as the cherokee purples. We have also been blessed with as many Roma tomatoes that I can pick, due to a friend ending up with way more than they could handle. There is no shortage of canned tomatoes, sauce, stewed etc around here this year. A blurb on the Money Makers;80 days, indeterminate -- An old English greenhouse variety and reliable producer of heavy crops of medium-sized, four to five ounce red, globe-shaped tomatoes. Sets fruit well in the greenhouse or outside in many weather conditions. Does well under humid conditions.

guest, May 22, 3:46pm
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