Mosaic virus in tomatoes

urbanrefugee54, Mar 12, 9:31pm
finally I got my glass house up [2nd hand Eden bought on trademe] glassed & ready to go. I put my garden centre super toms in large containers with mixture of mushroom compost I'd had sitting for 6mths & the tomato potting mix. only to find that the tomatoes seem to be infected with the mosaic virus [or that there was no warning] & I have now contaminated my new set up. I found this link which is interesting

I had been planning on growing tomatoes etc in containers & other veges in the ground. now after the tomatoes are finished I will have to strip out the glass house of all vegetation & shingle, concrete or paving stone the inside & have containers only. I'm not happy that I've been sold infected plants & another friend that purchased from the same place - also have the same problem.

hazelnut2, Mar 13, 12:09am
Aww. that stinks! I would go back to the supplier and have a good rant about it to feel better! There must be something that kills it. Heat?

urbanrefugee54, Mar 13, 3:25am
partner has been researching online & says it 'might' not be mosaic virus. I now have to find out from where I bought them if they are a resistant from this [if it is]. or have the plant checked out by someone else. although I used mushroom compost it had been heat treated [steamed] first.

jag5, Mar 13, 10:32pm
Can also be caused by smoking nearby. or even not washing hands after a ciggie and before working with them.

deathrockboy, Mar 4, 12:41pm
Similar symptoms can be caused by low levels of some herbicides in the compost. Heat treatment wouldn't have gotten rid of these traces.

There are also other virus diseases which cause similar symptoms. Any sign of thrips on the plants?

I wouldn't stress too much this time, clean the area, get fresh compost and try again next year. If the same symptoms then TMV should be considered. You should probably dispose of infected material rather than composting. And discard compost and replace from a different source.