Where NOT to plant tomatoes!

meoldchina, Nov 14, 2:35am
I have just planted some bargain tomato plants that I bought from the Nelson Hospice shop. I have staked them ready for when they grow into beautiful, healthy, fruiting plants, and then I stood back to admire my handy work.
That's when I noticed that I had planted them next to my rotary clothes line!
Flapping sheets, husbands shirts and my Bridget Jones knickers will all get tangled up in tomato vines and bamboo poles.

lemming2, Nov 14, 2:37am

socram, Nov 14, 4:03am
Change the Bridget Jones' to G strings.

patxyz, Nov 14, 4:09am
Classic. Thanks for the laugh.

trade4us2, Nov 14, 7:56am
I let my tomato plants climb over old TV aerials.

summersunnz, Jul 31, 8:49am
My rotary clothesline was becoming part of the branches of two peach tree's, so until I built a new line, I locked the rotary in place so it wouldn't turn - worked till I took it out, when I'd built the new line.