Do you know this plant?

paora-tm, Apr 5, 8:59pm

shanreagh, Apr 5, 9:09pm
Passionfruit vine? or gardenia?

Is it a climber or shrub?

Has it had flowers?

paora-tm, Apr 5, 9:15pm
Not sure about flowers - it's in the neigbour's garden. It has a few stems - the others are a bit floppy so I guess it's probably more of a climber.

maclad, Apr 5, 9:21pm
Looks like Moth Vine to me. Araujia, a banned plant with very pretty flowers and large kapok filled seed pods. Spreads very well. Does it contain milky sap.

paora-tm, Apr 5, 9:25pm
No we have those damn pod vines growing everywhere - spreads well, just like you say. However, this plant is different, the leaves are a lot thicker and heavier. I was wondering Frangipani Vine after shanreagh's suggestion.

maclad, Apr 6, 2:06am
Could it be Stephanotis

ed65, Apr 6, 4:56am
To me, the newer leaves at the top look like those from a Mandevilla.

paora-tm, Feb 12, 1:01pm
The big question was, is it a plant or a weed. Whatever it is, it looks like it's worthwhile waiting to see if it flowers. I think the plant has been there a while but hidden behind an old apple tree which was chopped down. If it ever flowered before they were never noticed.