Biosecurity levy on plant sales

piquant, Mar 22, 11:26pm
I wonder how many of you that sell plants on here (TM) are aware that there are moves afoot to introduce a levy on ALL plants sold in order to fund bio security issues amongst other things. The industry in general, I believe, is very much against this and a large proportion will vote against it but it is by no means a done deal. I believe it is an absolute nonsense to try and apply this to people who pot up a few cuttings and sell them on here but they seem adamant that this will happen. When one considers what in general terms, any company reckons it costs to even sent out an account , then the costs incurred will well exceed the returns. It is insisted that it will become law, so it will be breaking the law to do otherwise than pay it. Personally, I think it is an ill conceived load of old bollocks (please excuse my French but I'm pretty pissed off about the amount that has been spent on this already) so I'd be very interested to hear other's views on the subject.
On another score, just trolling through the listings - I'm getting a bit concerned about the pricing on some of these listings. Now I know it is none of my business what price others put on their listings but from the point of view of purchasers who may not know what things garden are actually worth - I'm thinking some of them are getting well and truly ripped off. A 5cm tube is a tube, a GOL, nothing more than a rooted cutting or a small seedling. Highly unlikely to survive being planted out - and needs to be grown on. Please indicate this on your ads as it does the industry absolutely NO good at all. We all know that everyone loves a bargain BUT I suspect that a lot are losing faith because they have no instruction on how to deal with their tiny plant and have little knowledge themselves. I know also, that freight is killing a lot of sales of properly grown plants - it's a matter of finding that happy medium to sell good quality (plantable) plants at an affordable cost including the freight. I don't sell on here as I'm not prepared to compromise the quality of my plants for anything.

tui93, Mar 23, 4:54am
Another law that seems ridiculous. Thankyou Piquant. And I agree about the plant prices and conditions of transport. Your knowledge is always appreciated.

I am going to this meeting in Masterton, else what else can you do to stop the ever increasing raft of ridiculous rules.

piquant, Mar 23, 5:10am
Hi, tui93. Yes, although that meeting is primarily about the building industry - I couldn't agree more. It seems to me that every time they introduce yet another clause into say, the building code - no-one ever seems to deem it necessary to go through the raft of rules and clear out the stuff that has been superceded or has, in fact, become redundant. All it achieves is to cost the applicant more and more and more to comply and takes the councils etc longer and longer and longer to process. This sort of process does nothing to make people more responsible for their actions, rather the opposite. We shall be so tied up in knots and regulation soon that precious few will be able to think for themselves soon.! Or maybe that is the idea? Heaven forbid!

tui93, Mar 23, 10:31pm
We have areas on our farm we fenced off about 20 yrs ago that were regenerating native bush. I have read in the farming papers that if the council consider them significant they can take them off you ( ie they remain your property but you lose all rights to them), and they can have access to work on them as they wish by whoever that does it. If that is not blatant robbery what is?

piquant, Mar 24, 1:05am
Was that under QE11 trust? Unfortunately, I feel rights are slowly but surely being diminished. And what do we do about all this - mostly, nothing. People say - but what can I do? The answer is - be more proactive, not apathetic. Stand up and be counted and make a noise about what you perceive to be social injustice - before it is too late. I'm not an advocate of stupidity (of which I think there is more than our fair share of , these days!) but things that really matter and affect the way we interact both with each other and "the system". We are slowly but surely being led by the nose and, loosely speaking, being subtly brainwashed. How many people do you know these days that say - "I'm too busy to think about things like that" - well, my opinion is that they are often the ones that just don't think - much - about anything other than the next acquisition
or simply what is going to affect them personally. It's all about "me" these days and it is leading us towards a thoroughly rotten society. Just watch who are the ones that scream loudest when it's all a bit late. I am, however, very heartened about the number of people that are standing up and being counted. Witness the Auckland Harbour fiasco. Good on them for organising such a well founded retaliation to the seemingly underhand tactics.

piquant, Mar 24, 1:27am
As an aside, I was watching Sunday last night and Alison Gofton and her year in France. It came as no surprise that she found it hard to return to NZ and be confronted with this possession driven society. I have quite a few young overseas visitors, many from France, and what a difference in their attitudes and expectations, to ours. France is fiercely patriotic, equally fiercely democratic - piss them off and the whole country protests! Witness the recent Charlie Hebdo incident. That would never have happened here - the response, I mean. We could learn a great deal from them.

tui93, Mar 24, 3:26am
No not QE11 - at least I could get that, as we would have to opt into it. Which is what we thought we might do if we ever sold the farm, in case the next person undid all our preservation work. No this is councils taking it upon themselves to stake a claim in all aspects except actual ownership. I think I would see a lawyer rather than stand back and let them do it.
I think you're right. It's about people standing up for themselves and saying NO very clearly.
Our newly designed "farm environmental plan" contains quite a few things designed without talking to us about them first, and we have no intention of signing it. Supposedly "voluntary and non-regulatory", it requires signing by us (immediately binding I would have thought) and the onus passed onto potential buyers. We think we will formulate our own, with appropriate advice. Neighbours have signed there's unquestioningly.
We were talking about this the other day with friends. People need to say NO and question, question, question.

piquant, Mar 24, 9:28am
Is this what you are referring to, tui93?
What I hate about all these things is that they are presented as a fait accompli. Then they indicate that you can have your say, but in reality, they have already got it set in concrete. It's the presumption that we all came down in the last shower of rain and are totally incapable of making informed decisions. Mind you - half the time we are as we never get the truth of things. It always seems to be biassed in favour of the decision they want. But what gets me even angrier about a lot of these decisions, is that they are made by beauracrats who have precious little practical experience of the so called problems they intend to provide a solution to. Often, they just make things a whole lot worse. I have to say, though - that there are always those jerks who take every opportunity to get round laws and make a quick buck whilst they can. It's the same in any industry - always someone willing to compromise things for the rest (and honest) of us. But it is always the good guys who end up having to pay the costs. Look at dog registration!

piquant, Mar 24, 9:32am
Somehow we have got well away from the original post - but isn't it interesting how there have been no other responses? It's either the title (yawn, yawn, how boring can you get?) or it's keep your head down and ignore it time!
We'll wait and see if tomorrow brings any response.

nchun, Mar 25, 12:26am
Below is an extract of the proposed NATIONAL plant growing levy being promoted by the NZINZ.

NZINZ body must receive 50% of the vote from the registered growers voting for/against the levy.

The proposed Nursery Levy will affect ALL commercial growers of plants in NZ regardless if you are an NZINZ member or not.

If you grow plants for sale/profit, then you are a commercial grower of plants.

The Nursery & Garden Industry Association New Zealand (NGINZ) is half way through nationwide consultation meetings with growers on a proposal to introduce a commodity levy.

If introduced, this levy would be compulsory for all growers, growing and selling plants for commercial return, not just members of the NGINZ. All such growers can have their say on this proposal and can vote on its acceptance or rejection but must register to do so.

background on the proposal, or
to register as a voter, or
to view the schedule of meetings, (click here)
To post a comment about the levy on this website, click here
To read other comments about the levy, click here

Go to this website to review the links contained in the proposal .

NZINZ must receive 50% for the proposed levy for it to be enacted.

So the more 'growers' that register and vote accordingly, the more chance the proposed levy will be passed/defeated.

So make action, register as a grower and this will entitle you to vote for/against the proposed levy.

nchun, Feb 23, 3:53pm
Hi Piquant. I created a new thread, as i think the title here doesn't hit home to what the proposal will impact on growers of plants in NZ.

Same subject.

Extract from NGINZ press release . I have bracketed (or against) below as the press release is bias towards promoting a vote for the National Levy proposal .

If our applications are approved by the Minister of Primary Industries, any business that grows plants and sells them for commercial return will be subject to the levies. ??