Help to name a plant please?

rusty-bones, Apr 20, 10:08pm
I have seen around the neighbourhood some lovely little trees that are covered in flowers. They are usually orange the ones I have seen but I have seen a light purple one too. What are these I want one? I have tried google. Any suggestions? Not Hybiscus I know them.

rusty-bones, Apr 20, 10:13pm
Actually I am not sure if they are trees, the ones I have seen a medium shrubs.

nchun, Apr 21, 3:52am
Post a photo.

deanna14, Apr 22, 1:00am

rusty-bones, Apr 22, 1:47am
Yes deanna that is it, thanks. It's funny I don't really know to much about Rhododendrons. All this time gardening and I havent taken any notice. Anyway i did plant a couple a couple of weeks ago, I hope they come out like these ones. they are only the medium height ones, I got a red and I cant remember the other colour. I wonder if some flower better then others.

nchun, Apr 22, 2:29am
Actually they are Mollis Azaleas.

rusty-bones, Apr 22, 3:33am
Oh what? ha ha now Im confused. But they are definately the one in denna14"s photo.

deanna14, Apr 22, 4:44am

maclad, Apr 22, 4:49am
Yes agree Azalea mollis, decidious azaleas growing up to about 1.5 to 2m.
Lovely shrub. Most rhododendrons do not come in pure orange colours to the best of my knowledge.

oh_hunnihunni, Apr 22, 4:52am
Gorgeous things, my gran used to plant them under trees and over banks en masse. They were a sight in her old gravel quarry garden.

spiritofgonzo, Jan 27, 9:07am
Could also be vireya rhododendron