Wanting Small plant Pots

cantabman1, Mar 20, 9:29am
Not sure if i can ask on here, but I am wanting to recycle small plant pots.
Anyone in the Spreydon Addington erea can drop them off to my place inside the gate.131 Brougham.St

shamarick, Mar 21, 9:30am
Do you want plastic ones?

gilligee, Mar 21, 9:52am
Try the local recycling centre at the refuse station.

jills3, Mar 21, 9:00pm
Months before school fair, I asked if school children would keep and wash their yoghurt containers to put plants in for school fairs, worked well and didnt need much soil.

poppysinger2, Mar 22, 2:30am
I have a huge number of 10 cm plant pots here , you can come and collect if you like I could do a 50 c auction ?

cantabman1, Mar 22, 3:25am
Yes ,please.can you give me a ph number? or whatever is kosha to the site.

cantabman1, Mar 22, 11:06pm
yes plastic one's approx 8-10cm square

poppysinger2, Mar 23, 1:24am
Hi Cantabman , bumping .

poppysinger2, Mar 23, 6:39am
Cannot put ph no but have set up $ 1 auction .

cantabman1, Feb 25, 10:42am
I have just placed a bid, thanks.