Ants in my pots (not my pants!)

tullamore, Nov 28, 9:01am
I am having trouble with ants in my pots of cuttings. Have thought of popping orange skins around the tops but have an awful lot of pots (impatiens) so wondering what would be easy and effective?

cleggyboy, Nov 28, 9:50am
Mixture of boron & borax 50/50 and add some peanut butter. Being in soil they would be the savoury eating ant, if they went for sweet stuff instead of peanut butter use golden syrup etc.
Word of warning this is very poisonous so keep out of children & pets way.
This recipe was given to me by the old DSIR.

tullamore, Nov 28, 10:38am
Thanks cleggyboy, it won't hurt the plant?

cleggyboy, Nov 28, 1:01pm
Nope I got the recipe from the DSIR cos I had the same problem with all my collection of ferns. (You do put the bait in containers so the ants come out to get it and they take it back to the nests)

oh_hunnihunni, Nov 28, 1:19pm
Or you could do exactly the same thing with any antkiller liquid. I use a small plastic lid close to the pot and within a couple of days no more ants.

lythande1, Nov 28, 1:25pm
They seem to love the citrus peel in my compost.

tullamore, Feb 6, 1:00pm
Thanks all, will certainly forget about the citrus lythande1!