Moss on the top of Outdoor Pots

carter441, Dec 14, 11:35pm
Does anyone have a smart method for removing the moss from the top of outdoor pots please!Any thoughts on this subject appreciated.

budgel, Dec 14, 11:53pm
My thoughts are that it looks natural and I like it.

elliehen, Dec 14, 11:56pm
My thoughts exactly.

I also like lichen on trees and roofs (demonstrates that the air is clean, because lichen won't grow in polluted air)

gyrogearloose, Dec 15, 12:36am
If you brush or spray on a water/sugar solution, you'll get faster growth of the patina.

rsr72, Dec 15, 12:43am
#1- We place a grid of plastic leaf gutter guard over the tops of ours. The moss grows through it and it's easy to lift it off with the moss attached and simply wash off with the hose from time to time.

carter441, Dec 15, 12:43am
All very interesting comments - thanks.

sanders4, Dec 16, 5:15pm
Any wet and forget type product will deal to this, terracotta is a porous substrate that many algae growths love.