Plants in Pots

laurenlee, Jan 1, 5:48pm
Re pot annually in winter.By the way-you have come to the right place for comments and advice-the gardening folk here are really great,and very nice!

mizzmiff, Jan 2, 1:33am
When you repot them do it with a 50/50 mix of potting mix and course horticultural sand - the mix will last heaps longer and the roses will be happier too :)

thewebster, Dec 31, 7:34am
I have a few old rose bushes that I potted years ago and am wondering if I need to repot them! The potting mix is quite low so I don't know if I should just top up the old stuff or should I get rid of the old mix and put it in new mix or would that desturb the root system. They have just finished flowering and I have deheaded them today.

maclad, Dec 31, 7:44am
They really need repotting in fresh mix but it would be much better done when they are dormant in winter.
You should get a repeat flowering from them before winter.

stevee6, Dec 31, 7:47am
Give them a liquid feed now, and as maclad said, wait until winter to repot.

thewebster, Jul 10, 3:44pm
Thank you maclad and stevee6. Could you please tell me how often you should repot your potted plants! Sorry I'm new to gardening