Raspberries in Pots?

grouch, Oct 8, 6:01pm
Do they grow well in pots or best in the ground?

herc18, Oct 8, 6:10pm
I always grow mine in the ground although they do spread a bit.

trad, Oct 8, 7:31pm
I tried them in pots and they all died.

lythande1, Oct 8, 11:53pm
No. not enough nutrients, can't spread like they do.

maclad, Oct 9, 2:30am
I have grown one in a pot for 3 years now just so the grandies can have a few. The pot is very big and needs lots of feeding and watering. I do not have room nor do I want it to spread

bluefrog2, Oct 9, 10:36pm
I think it could work in a big pot. Like half barrel sized. Fertilize and water well.
And you would probably have to tip it out ever other year and replant with fresh potting mix. Every other year because raspberries fruit on one year old canes.

brightlights60, Oct 10, 8:34pm
Any berries do well in pots. The problem only lies when people do not feed their plants. All plants, whether in the garden or in pots (but especially in pots) need nutrients and a balance of soil and air and water to live and grow. I have a huge raspberry been in a pot for years. Just lift each year, trim back (take off old growth) repot. Don't use potting mix, use homemade compost, sheep pellets etc. The pot sits in my vege garden because I don't want the darn thing to spread. Same as my mint (in a strawberry planter).

mkbooks, Oct 11, 2:41am
How big a pot are we talking here please?

katelin1, Oct 11, 7:32pm
Wine barrel size woudl be perfect.

arsenalluva, Oct 12, 7:19am
I have mine in an old concrete laundry tub to restrain them from spreading too much and it was fine, they have died down at the moment and new growth is coming up so should be all good for this season

tigra, Oct 12, 9:00pm
We had a blueberry plant growing in a large pot that we transferred to the garden and its doing much better now

brightlights60, Oct 17, 5:55am
Anything nice and big as below. A nice old container you can use as a feature is good, like an old wine barrel laundry tup, anything big. Anything smaller and you risk having a root bound plant, where the container is too small for the root system, and the soil you need.

grouch, Aug 29, 2:46pm
Well have decided to put the canes in the ground. I live on the edge of the bush and my place is over grown anyway so I dont care if they spread. If they get too out of hand I will let the sheep eat them. Have decided that this will be the last season that the blueberries will be in the pots as well as I think they will do better in the ground. I have acid ground and blueberries do well around here.