Palms in pots . Good or not?

poolgirl6, Nov 22, 8:17pm
I have purchased a Kentia Palm, nicely grown, about 1.5 m high.
It has been suggested I plant it in a large pot, to give it extra height and so it can hang over my brick wall and be planted closer to the wall.
The pot will probably cost as much as the palm I reckon.
Purchased the palm to provide dappled shade.
Yes or no please?

poolgirl6, Nov 22, 11:41pm
Yeah right

maclad, Nov 23, 12:18am
Palms grow well in pots and as long as the pot is suitable size it will be fine. Just make sure you only water it when it is dry as they are susceptible to over watering. Initally the leaf tips will turn brown just so you know.

suzn47, Jul 25, 11:05am
Plant in the ground. I have plants in pots and they are always drying out on me. Never do well unless you spend a lot of time and money on them.