happychappy50, Mar 29, 10:26pm
Seeking help on how to preserve or freeze an excess of tomatoes picked this morning thanks in anticipation

smallwoods, Mar 29, 10:38pm
Wife wants to stew ours, but I reckon freeze first and stew later.

whitehead., Mar 29, 10:44pm
with knife cut a cross in the bottom and the stork bit drop into boiling water for about till the skins pop then you can peel them very easy . i squeese the seeds out and pack in bags like that freeze to bottle i like to do the same and do them in the oven as the over flow of juice cleans any sugary crust that is on the bottom of the oven off and i always did the tomatoes last for this reason

lythande1, Mar 30, 12:45am
I just chuck them in.
Later I get them out, skins just slip off, then I make puree and refreeze that for cooking later on.

happychappy50, Mar 30, 5:19am
Thanks,thought that was what I have to do

harrislucinda, Mar 30, 5:29am
roast with brown sugar cool freeze

tui93, Apr 2, 7:14am
Freeze, then when I cook them up ( from frozen), as soon as they thaw a bit in the pan the skins slip off.