rae226, Mar 11, 9:16pm
Is everyone having a bad year or is it just me. Tomatoes start to ripen and vine starts to die. Fruit taking ages to ripen if it ripens at all and they are all going soft and mushy. Others are getting holes like someone has stabbed each one with a darning pins, then they turn black and rot.
No tomatoe relish this year.

kcc55a, Mar 11, 9:18pm
No. Mine are doing well. A bit late but cropping nicely

velenski, Mar 11, 10:17pm
bit late but doing fine ,still will be producing in to april !

lynken37, Mar 12, 12:09am
Not here in Tauranga, we are overrun with them, giving them away, freezing them. Last year we had a bad year,

lythande1, Mar 12, 12:57am
Ours were fine, late but fine.

sanremo, Mar 12, 1:47am
I lost a lot of my early toms to blossom-end rot this year but the plants themselves are ok and have gone on to give plenty of nice healthy fruit too.

annies3, Mar 12, 5:53am
The heritage tomatoes which I grew from seed are a bit more fussy than amish paste I'm not sure what variety they are but they do have lovely big tomatoes a bit like beefsteak, they are slowly ripening very nice sweet taste.

cantabman1, Mar 12, 6:29am
Just you. lol I have fruit which I was picking for christmas best ever for me, but now disease has overtaken taken them except 2 plants.

marlin9, Mar 13, 12:48am
ours have just about finished

buzzy110, Mar 13, 1:28am
Blight maybe.

bluefrog2, Mar 16, 8:42pm
I have one tomato plant with the same problem. Tomatoes beginning to ripen, but vine starts to die. All the others seem all right though, so I just thought the roots might have gotten damaged on this particular plant.

herc18, Mar 3, 5:46pm
With the holes maybe those green stink bugs are eating the fruit, I have killed quite a few although lost some tomatoes to them, otherwise the best crop - sundried tomatoes yummy.