Neighbours cabbage trees.

fendiweny, Jan 7, 7:04am
.are a full time job collecting the flax like leaves off my lawn up to 10 x a day and usually 30plus each time -365 days a year. Latest to land on my lawn is a blackbirds nest complete with 3 surviving baby birds that have the parents being territorial and dive bombing my cat b4 see even gets her whiskers out the door.(so far 3wks stuck inside) These trees are planted on the fence line and one hangs over my side.However they wont chop them down as too expensive ,they say. My issues are my back injury and I find it diffucult for me to keep picking up.They also wrap around the mower blade which cost me $$$$ when blade abruptly jams. Any suggestions on how to reapproach them please.

lilyfield, Jan 7, 7:59am
I feel for you- hate the buggers. For a start make sure all the picked up leaves are thrown back over the fence.

A drill and some diesel springs tomind

kp11, Jan 7, 9:35am
Whats too expensive!Certainly not the trees, & not exactly hard to cut down either.I cut mine down to the ground last year with just a hand saw (theyre soft inside the trunk), so no expense their either.Like you they were anoying my neighbour so down they came :)

cantabman1, Jan 7, 9:47am
We have also got cabbage trees on the neighbours fenceline dropping leaves all over the lawn. When a Nor Wester blows, we get heaps of them, and also seedlings growing all over the section that i'm constantly picking up. However, in a strange way, because they are a native , I like them. They are a great nesting spot for sparrows and other birds.
They are also PROTECTED and arnt allowed to be removed willy nilly.
There is some disease that has killed off many of them, so now they are a protected tree.Shisssh!, i pushed a smaller 2 metre one over last year that had started to grow on our land.

net_oz, Jan 7, 4:26pm
I would like to know where you got that idea from.

lythande1, Jan 7, 6:27pm
You are allowed to cut anything hanging over your side. And you MUST return all parts to the neighbour.
So cut it, give it back. Give them back all the dropped leaves too, fire them over the fence.

jacky18, Jan 7, 6:33pm
On a brighter note I gather mine in small bundlestied up with one or two of the leaves they are excellent fire starters if you have a wood burner

gardie, Jan 22, 2:48pm
Get a grass rake OP - that way you only need to bend over occasionally to pick up a bunch of them.I think they look beautiful if only they weren't planted on our place!(Previous owners).I find the mower over the odd one is not a problem but the weed eater is another story!If you are bunging them back over the fence, be sure to make sure your weedeater can't reach them when you're doing your edges.