Save cabbage etc butterfly problems

whistle, Mar 6, 2:49pm
what best to spray with used d dust washes off with rain

oh_hunnihunni, Mar 6, 3:43pm
Don't spray at all (or use Bugtrol). Best to plant out when the cool weather stops the butterflies laying.

Or cover the plants with bug proof cloth.

samanya, Mar 6, 3:49pm

lilyfield, Mar 6, 3:59pm
My vegies are covered in birdnetting over a simple frame. Also deters the neighbors cat.

lettice, Mar 6, 4:04pm
Use a spray containing Bt. Look on the ingredients for bacillus thurigensis kursaki. It should be available at good garden centres. It's got no withhold and is approved for organic growers' use. It's germ warfare, a bacterium that activates in the caterpillars' gut and kills it. No effect on humans, our guts don't activate it. It loses potency after a few hours of sun, so best applied late afternoon or morning. Just follow the instructions and store it as advised on the label.

samanya, Dec 14, 10:50am
is this what you mean lettice?
This is what's in Success
"Success Naturalyte. Success contains spinosad, an insecticide derived from a naturally occurring bacteria that kills caterpillars, pear & cherry slug, thrips and tomato leaf miner on a range of vegetables, fruits, herbs, ornamentals and trees"