Giant Cabbage White butterlfy - Nelson

mottly, Jan 3, 3:23am
ugly critter.lucky you rang maf huh.

kateley, Jan 3, 3:50am
I remembered reading about them in the paper when they were first discovered.

koru67, Jan 3, 4:17am
ooh, quite an impressive looking caterpillar, well done in reporting it

soph001, Jan 3, 10:00pm
The people have been round to my mum's to check - she shouted at them cos she thought they were god-botherers. "Um, actually ma'am there's been reports of white butterfly in the area and by law we Have to come and check."

kateley, Jan 3, 10:15pm
that's interesting, soph - because the didn't check any of my neighbours gardens.I was a bit surprised that they didn't because I thought that if I've got them there's a fair chance the neighbours have too.I will tell the neighbours myself.

lythande1, Jan 4, 4:19am
Bit extreme isn't it! There's loads of things in our gardens eating away.think of the bees.they're already suffering.

net_oz, Jan 4, 7:09am
Get over yourself.
Chances are they were sprayed with a BT mixture so will be harmless to bees but deadly to caterpillars.
This country has enough biosecurity problems as it is.

kateley, Jan 4, 7:55am
the spray they use is specific for caterpillars and allowed to be used by certified organic growers.Not the BT one (that's what I thought they would use) its called entrust naturalyte

4pc, Jan 4, 8:46pm
I wonder whether they'll set up surveillance traps around the area!Year ago there was some moth in the Onehunga area and huge signs everywhere about not taking your rubbish out of the area, or any fruit etc.My mother was visiting from out of town and saw a shop selling cheap fruit.She was about to buy some and I explained we couldn't take it to our house, as we were outside the area.

kateley, Jan 14, 10:49pm