Dumping cabbage tree

merrigj, Nov 23, 1:57am
I have to remove a cabbage tree as it is destroying retaining wall and decking. I have read you can't burn the wood so only option is dumping. Has anyone dumped a larger one and what was the weight and cost. I am doing this for an older couple and am worried the cost may be too much. Thanks in advance.

lythande1, Nov 23, 2:15am
You can burn it.
It's rubbish wood but it still burns.
You cannot take the leaves to the local tip, it's a non-compostable item.,

cinderellagowns, Nov 23, 2:19am
Errr. so is 95% of the rest of the stuff taken to the tip.
What you can't do is dump it in the "green waste" (or whatever they call it)part of the tip where they put the other compostables.

survivalkiwi, Nov 23, 2:19am
If you have a fire bundle up the leaves and use them for kindling next year.

merrigj, Nov 23, 2:22am
Yes I will have to put it in with general waste I can imagine a medium sized tree must weigh a tonne. I could consider drying it out before dumping it. I don't have a fire and wouldn't want to give the wood away.

trad, Nov 23, 2:25am
you could be inventive and use the logs or rounds in the garden, and I have seen the leaves cut up and used as mulch.

maclad, Nov 23, 2:59am
Have you removed the stump or treated it with weed killer, if not it may well regrow. Unfortunately you will have to dump in general waste and yes that will cost as cabbage trees have a high water content it will be quite heavy.

merrigj, Nov 23, 3:16am
Yes will treat the stump. The water content is why I have considered leaving the wood to dry out over the summer to reduce the weight.

mrfxit, Nov 23, 3:49am
Why not?
If someone wants the trunk, then let them have it.
Saves you a dump fee & someone gets a bonus they want

portly, Jul 23, 6:14pm
You can dump it in the Greenwaste area, it`s flax you can`t. Dumped heaps of this crap and Yucca no problem. Have you thought of using the trunk for edging, they take years to rot out, chuck it along the back of a garden and let it waste away