Colourstell fence

donnabeth, Oct 4, 3:07am
Can anyone give the approximate cost of a boundary fence done in long run coloursteel? It will be about 25m long and 1.8 high

survivalkiwi, Oct 4, 3:54am
$100 per meter

trade4us2, Oct 4, 4:06am
Is it to make a fort with?

I made a fence with free corrugated iron.

kiwiguy47, Oct 4, 4:19am

golfdiver, Oct 4, 9:45am
Do you want the steel coloured on both sides?

ira78, Oct 5, 7:33pm
That's about the size ours was, did it mostly myself except for having a contractor we already had doing some work bore the post holes That bit was expensive but totally worth it. Anyway cost about $2000 total. So, yeah, $100/meter is a fair number.

trade7, Sep 10, 2:44pm
depends on the area you live in I know that in Otago area its $110 per metre installed or around $65 per metre for the material to do it yourself