How to stain fence

flyingpencil, Mar 14, 6:55am
I want to re-stain my old fence. It's got very, very faded stain on it - and also some areas have like a green colour which I assume is a thin layer of mold. Do I need to remove the mold first? And how can I do that? Or can I just paint right over the top?

firob, Mar 14, 10:06am
Waterblast the fence to give a clean surface or spray the 30sec then hose off.

shakespeare6, Mar 14, 10:21am
Water blast it let it dry buy some stain or fence paint a roller with 13 mm nap and go for your life, quick and easy

paix1, Mar 5, 4:46pm
yep! Exactly what I did - prep is everything.