Second hand fence palings.

maclad, Sep 17, 4:46am
I have many metres of this used timber I would like to sell. It is all in OK condition and has recently been painted, black. I know that is not relevant. The palings are horizontal ones and measure between 4250 and 4280 long are 2.5 mm thick and 144mm wide. What would be a fair price to ask as I have absolutely no idea. Any advice much appreciated.

mrgts4, Sep 17, 4:54am
It is about $4 per metre down here in wellington so maybe between $1&$2 per metre

parsondian, Sep 17, 6:00am
Can you post the auction number please and a picture maclad?

maclad, Sep 17, 6:07am
I will but it will take a week or two still taking down the palings

omamari, Sep 17, 6:52pm
When you advertise, you are selling railings, not palings (Palings are short vertical boards). Cheers

russ18, Sep 17, 8:19pm
2.5mm thick?

budgel, Sep 17, 8:24pm
Some people dont quite get the (decimal) point!

zak410, Sep 17, 8:54pm

maclad, Sep 18, 6:36am
Thankyou every one for the good info

jmma, Sep 18, 8:04am
Wide rails (o:

summersunnz, Sep 18, 1:22pm
Palings aren't always horizontal. the timber fence I built has horizontal palings.

omamari, Sep 27, 6:52am
Oxford dictionary
Paling - 1.a fence made from pointed wooden or metal posts.
2. a post used in such a fence

Rail - a a bar or series of bars attached to upright supports ( ie they are horiziontal)