Best Stain for deck

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nzjay, Jan 4, 12:24pm
What I ended up doing was buying a cheaper oil based deck stain (British Paints from Bunnings) and adding 1L of tung oil to 4L of stain.
My deck was so washed out, even after being oil stained annually for 3 yrs previously, it took 2 coats of my brew to get a quite good finish.
I actually hand brushed both coats to ensure good coverage as far down the sides of the timber as I could. The reason for this is, I surmise that I now have a weatherproof cap that extends down the sides of the timber, rather than just a film on top. This might help prolong the life of the deck and the oil film as it now sheds water very well, yet doesn't look like it has a "paint" skin at all.
Time will tell!

devine-spark, Jan 20, 8:51am
Can anyone comment on the Sikkens products? I have just put in (this week!) a new deck from our family room, and no less than TWO gazebo/decks in the garden. Now I want to protect them in the best way possible. What product to keep it pretty much in the original colour?

devine-spark, Jan 21, 9:18am
Bumpity bump.

clairen, Oct 6, 8:41am
Are they all pretty good or is there one that lasts better etc? We have a big pine deck that needs re doing this year.

ryanm2, Oct 6, 8:46am
Ive always had good results with the Cabots stuff - Blackbean colour inparticular.

tigger8, Oct 6, 10:09am

tsrapt1507, Oct 7, 2:50am
Just get some acrylic semi gloss, gloss, flat in any colour you like. Do not thin it, Wet down surface" soaking" and apply with brush when surface is still soaking wet, as it dries the paint gets soaked into timber binding up timber.
I am a Painting Contractor with 40 years experience and do this method all the time. Last for years. Any of the " stains" on the market are pissed out clear with a bit of tinter in them. They are design so you have to do it every year. Paint is like bottled water in the supermarket. There is nothing special about it.

islandbreeze, Oct 7, 6:25am
tsrapt 1507 when you say any paint waterbased is there anyone in particular. I want a deep chocolate colour.

tsrapt1507, Oct 7, 6:32am
No anything will do. Just choose your colour. Resene Deep colours are probably the best. It will go along way.

groovie1, Oct 7, 8:37am
Great advice, thanks. I'll give it a go too.

clairen, Oct 7, 8:43am
thanks tsrapt1507. So one coat will do? Just trying to work out how much we would need. Our deck is about 40m2. Also does it matter that the deck has had stain on it before?

tsrapt1507, Oct 7, 12:15pm
Do one coat and see how it looks a second coat will give more depth, use same method for second coat. A 4 litre will be plenty. No, dose not matter if it has been stained before. Don,t be scared to put paint on when it is wet. It will go against ever thing you thought you knew. The principal of the method is if you happen to spill so paint on a wet surface and let it dry, it soaks in and you will never get it off. Do not tell the Monkeys in the paint store what you are doing as they will say you can not do let and try and sell you their over priced rubbish.

rusty-bones, Oct 7, 6:08pm
This is really good to know. I have left my large decking unstained for years beacause of the cost of stain and seeing people having to redo it every couple of years. Everytime I asked in the stores you get so much rubbish from them just for a sale, I have learnt this with plenty of DIYs I do. I was looking into painting my deck a while ago. Thanks again.

clairen, Oct 9, 4:11am
Sorry for all the questions tsrapt1507 but like you said, it goes against everything I thought I knew lol. Is it going to come out lighter than what they show on the colour chart or pretty similar? Just wonder whether I need to pick a darker colour or anything

woody89, Oct 9, 4:32am
So will applying paint to a wet deck mean that the paint is absorbed into the timber & be less likely to flake & peel or wear off in heavy traffic areas? Nervous about a painted deck as these problems seem to happen usually.

laurenlee, Oct 9, 5:53am
Thanks for the advice,tsrapt.I totally agree.I was fed up with having to clean and restain the deck so often,It would look shabby in a couple of months,and the wood still cracked .I was pleased with the look of the barn we painted with resene good quality deep grey,so decided to paint deck,with the left over paint,and it looks great. Much easier to clean as it has a good surface now.

monsieurl, Oct 9, 8:01am
What if i was just wanting the stained wood look as opposed to painted look. am i outta luck and have to touch it up every few years lol

tsrapt1507, Oct 9, 4:39pm
Colour charts are only a guide. Most people have an inability to visualise colours and all colours will look different under direct sunlight than in the shade, they are also look different if you are surround by them i.e. all 4 walls and again if put with other colours.

tsrapt1507, Oct 9, 4:51pm
NO. The title of this post is " Best Stain for Deck" This what all the posts are about. If you want to paint it, prime it and apply 2 coats acrylic. To" stain something" is only a term used to put a colour thru something it can also be called to " put a wash " " to blond" It is very simple. The paint manufactures over the years have introduced a different names to confuse people. Paint is like bottled water in the supermarket it is not special. if i can confuse you or get you fearful , i can control you this is all the paint manufactures are doing.

tsrapt1507, Oct 9, 5:01pm
One of the main reasons to wet the surface when you apply the paint, and i mean sopping wet " brush the paint straight on to water" it is so easy to apply and you not " flick" the paint every where, as a posed getting the " stain or thinned out" paint one tends to " flick" and splash paint as the paint has no body " viscosity" to it when it is thinned.

rusty-bones, Oct 9, 9:04pm
Will this method need to be done again in a couple of years, it sounds really easy to do? I am definately doing this in my holidays. So you just hose the deck mine is large so is it ok to do sections of it at a time? And when I go to do the next section do I have to wait for the first section to dry, so it wont get splashed? Thanks so much for your advise on this.

westward1, Oct 10, 1:16am
Hi tsrapt1507.
Thanks for this info.
I have just laid 180sm of H5 pine deck in a tropical country. We have spent the last 3 years of planning and building undecided on what to use. Considered composite deck, but it is too hot under foot in hot climates. Hardwood is expensive, and requires treating every year. In the end we imported pine, and have been at betwixt and between as to how to preserve it. Your ideas sound great. I will definitely do this.
Thank you so much for this advice. Ross

shorty246, Nov 2, 8:32pm
Bumping to re read later

m16d, Nov 3, 12:17am
Had a new pine deck built about 3 years ago. The "painter" recommended,and did it in water based stain.
Total disaster. I'm now in the process of waterblasting it clean and will do it in oil based stain myself.

johnno48, Nov 3, 6:05am
Did our old deck ,after cleaning with moss and mould killer, with Forestwood Decking and Oil stain in Natural Kwilla. Over a year ago still looking great.