Stain or Oil

pommyjohn1, Feb 13, 8:54pm
I have a pine unpainted carport,wondering if it is better to use stain or oil,what do you recommend please

pskpinks, Feb 14, 1:34am
A stain is coloured - colour in the stain protects the surface. Oil has no colour and the uv causes a lot of damage as it passes through the oil and attacks the timber surface. Oil is often extremely delicious to mould spores so I would imagine not only mouldy but faded timber underneath what is left [if anything] of the oil.

pommyjohn1, Feb 14, 3:17am
Thanks for that are the water based stains ok !

pskpinks, Feb 15, 7:23pm
Sorry so long in replying - I have just checked this thread oops! - yes water based stain is all ok.

malone4, Feb 15, 7:33pm
if your plan is to protect your timber from water then using a water based kind of defeats the purpose.
Oil based is best.

pskpinks, Feb 16, 4:46am
If that was the case then all water based products wouldn't work - and as they are used extensively on all surfaces inside and outwe are all in big trouble! Water based products are user friendly and it would appear that all paint companies are changing their products to 'water borne' to come in line with world standards. 'Nuff said.

zak410, Feb 16, 4:56am
Oil based repeal water, feeds the timber, improve durability, I believe.

pskpinks, Feb 16, 6:17am
Water borne stains are a oil/waterborne hybrid and no they don't 'feed' the wood - but oil based stain doesn't 'feed' the wood either it adds a surface film into the upper matrix of the timber [this is measured in microns of film] that needs [like all stains] frequent topping up to maintain the protective factor. Depends what you want I guess - choices, choices!

malone4, Mar 10, 2:43pm
in my opinion that is.