Deck stain advice please

gennie, Dec 23, 7:34am
We are building a deck and you want to stain it.What colours are popular at the moment!It is so hard to tell from a 1 inch paint chip what the final look Will be and need some suggestions for what looks good before we select some sample pots. Any particular brand of stain recommended too!Thanks.

mansonprincess, Dec 23, 7:06pm
personally i would leave it.once you start staining you will have to always stain, i just got a deck built and im leaving it natural wood, that is from all the advice i have had

hutchk, Dec 23, 8:07pm
Resene Woodsman waterborne is a very good product - easy to apply and clean up. Having never used a WB product before I was a bit apprehensive, but our deck is now its third summer and still looks like new. I'll give it a recoat next spring - $200 and a morning's work every three years is well worth it. Some like the look of a weathered uncoated pine deck, I think they start to look a bit crappy after a couple of years.

tigra, Dec 23, 8:11pm
I wonder if you will still feel the same in3-4 years when it all goes that horrible patchy grey look and will take a ton of stain to make it look good again. However each to his own.

marz32, Dec 23, 8:23pm
We used Resene as well in "natural". Keeps wood same natural colour but protects it from water. We do ours every second year.

gennie, Dec 25, 3:32am
We are keen to stain this one as old one grew that black mould which is really obvious on weathered pine and it had to be scrubbed or water blasted on a regular basis so time spent restraining in years to come Will actually be less time spent.Whereas the deck furniture which i bought 11years ago which i oil with a tinted oil each year looks only about a year old and in great condition.It has been worth the effort to look after it.

pskpinks, Dec 25, 7:03pm
I note that there is a very good display in the Resene shops on wood stains. Shows what the colour looks like on pine & cedar - I found it helpful - and also testpots of Woodsman stain help too - I tried it on pine off cuts- I did one coat and along side that I did one of two coats.What a difference!

texastwo, Dec 25, 8:09pm
Any good hardware store will havedisplays of various brands, makes it hard to choose. We used Wattyl

gag5, Dec 25, 8:19pm
we are just about to purchase Resene Woodsman after compariing Cabots & Wattyl - mainly `cos they had the colour closest to what we wanted - wantd it to `match` the base boards of the house which is also a Resene colour.Two coats on an offcut of decking looks way better than 1.
Mitre 10 have a new product on display at a slightly less price than Resene`s 15% off price & looked like there was a good colour range as well.
We chose Resene Iroko to tone in with Resene Talisman.

Now just for this weather to clear up.

mansonprincess, Dec 25, 8:22pm
yes I will :) a friend of mine stained and wished they never did, have to keep doing it every year now, and cause my deck is 100 sq mtrs i have just decided to leave.

samanya, Dec 26, 5:57am
The only thing I know for sure about deck colours (through experience)
if the decks a light colour, the birds all sh** dark & if it's a dark colour the birds all sh** dark!

samanya, Dec 29, 12:04pm
oops amendment, last word of ^^ post should read 'light'.