Deck stain/ oil. Water or oil based?

daz59, Jan 17, 10:23am

Im about to re-stain my deck. I have been told by the previous owner that they used cabots kwila, they think it was oil based but they sent us a link to a water based product. Is there any way to confirm if what I currently have is oil or water based? I can see a bit of the old stain on the brick work, it looks like a translucent paint.


harrislucinda, Jan 17, 12:04pm

harrislucinda, Jan 17, 12:05pm
if thats what they told you best to use that then

daz59, Jan 17, 12:08pm

peanuts37, Jan 18, 11:44am
Sprinkle water on it and see if it beads, if so oil based,

rednicnz, Jan 24, 12:35pm
We did oil based the first time and it stank for about 2 months making the deck unusable. Water based you can use once it's dry.

pauldw, Jan 24, 1:23pm
You possibly didn't give the 1st coat long enough to harden before adding the 2nd coat. Oil based usually justs takes a scrub with a Napisan style cleaner before recoating, water based will likely need sanding to get an even recoat.

wembley1, Jan 24, 1:56pm
That's not correct. All that means is that the deck is healthy and doesn't need treatment.

nzjay, Jan 27, 12:09am
The way it has flaked, I would guess it is water based? I have used oil based and added a litre of Tung Oil per 4 litres of stain. Brush it in and get plenty over the edges so it forms a waterproof cap. Two coats. Is generally good for 5-6 years before the colour fades but still no peeling or flaking. Tung oil is tough!.

woody89, Jan 28, 6:32am
We started out with Cabots oil based many, many years ago. It is on the hot side of the house & exposed to all weather. Every few years it needs restaining as it eventually flakes in the hotter areas. Some years back I decided to try Cabots water based. My deck looked exactly like yours, peeling etc & very dry looking. I gave it a good clean & applied the water based stain. It went on brilliantly & I have to say has exceeded my expectations. No issue with it not covering the previously oil stained deck & it has lasted at least as well, probably better in fact! Much easier to work with too.I wouldn't bother trying to identify what went on before, suggestions to "bead" water on it are pointless since a deck needing staining won't bead & once newly refinished, both water & oil based do bead lol.T ry not to get either stain on to side of house as neither comes off very well!

pauldw, Jan 28, 6:56am
Have you recoated the water based finish yet? How did it compare with your previous recoat experience?

woody89, Aug 22, 4:46pm
Yes, some years later.Very easy & looks good. I'm tempted to use the same product on my furniture, oil staining that is a big, smelly job!