Warm lightish colour for hall

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sally63, Apr 30, 1:14am
Am having colour troubles again:) The lounge is a warm mid grey (Seal Colony) and looks through to the hall. When I halve the lounge colour it looks too cold in the hall. I have tried 1/8 Napa ( a bit on the pink side) 1/4 tea(not too bad) and half white pointer ( a tad dark perhaps). Any other colours to consider? Modern style house, totally lacking in character but slowly getting there,lol.

beachboy61, Apr 30, 1:36am
I've painted all interior walls of our house with Resene's 1/4 tea and I am very happy with the outcome. It was recommended by an interior designer.
I suggest that you stay with 1/4 tea on walls and white ceiling, architraves and skirting. Make sure that you apply two coats of paint as this gives greater depth, that is not seen if you only apply one coat.

sally63, Apr 30, 1:38am
Thanks. Is it an old or newish house please? I used half Napa in an old villa last year in a bedroom and it looked terrific but of course way too dark for a hall and quite pink in undertone

joberri, Apr 30, 3:25am
I used 1/4 truffle in my hall, looks good have a dark grey carpet in there.

chriisyr28, Apr 30, 3:49am
I used parchment right through house. Great because it seems to take on a hint of any colour in the room - carpet, drapes etc.

beachboy61, Apr 30, 4:55am
Sally 63,my house is 20 years old.

intheoneone, Apr 30, 5:07am
Recently painted a reasonably modern house in Resene's half Spanish White, with white doors, skirting, architraves, looks really good. It is a warm light color, ideal for hallways, that pretty much goes with everything. Good luck.

tintop, Apr 30, 6:45am
Resene 1/2 Pearl Lusta. Great colour, ugly spelling.

sally63, Apr 30, 7:03am
Thanks. Really nice of you all:)

'Tis a big house so maybe some more test pots. Colour is quite fascinating as I am looking at the Resene chart right now and some of the colours that looked pink or yellowish in the day, have a slightly green tone tonight.

yorkie13, Apr 30, 7:24am
1/4 sisal. resene.

sally63, Apr 30, 8:15am
Thanks Yorkie

kaddiew, May 1, 1:26am
I don't like any of the yellow, green or muddy tones so have gone for 1/2 sea fog throughout my house. It's a slightly greyish/bluish white.

sally63, May 1, 6:41am
Thanks Kaddiew. Is it a warm colour? Its so hard to tell from the chart!

ebygum1, May 1, 8:53pm
We are redoing our bedrooms with Haast,really happy with it and easy to match modern furnishings with it.

kaddiew, May 1, 9:51pm
Hmm, maybe not, compared to the ones others have suggested.

Previous owner here had painted the entire interior in double (maybe even triple) Spanish White, and it was one ghastly mustard / "karitane yellow" overload. It's put me off all "warm" yellow-toned whites - but sorry, I know that's not helpful to you! : )

sally63, May 1, 11:48pm
Yuk I know that colour. I used Pavlova once and it was the same- horribly yellow!

Ebygum, who does Haast? Is that a Dulux colour?
Oh thanks I have just found it on an old colour chart of Dulux that I had.

ang_ck, May 2, 3:11am
I had half Spanish white in two rooms and quarter Spanish white in another. Personally, quarter Spanish white makes the room bigger and brighter and not so cave in.

pskpinks, May 2, 3:25am
Colours often look deeper in an interior. Colours change a lot in different qualities of light - natural and artificial. Colours change when near other colours. Colour is tricky - yep! Test pots applied [all of the test pot/2 coats] to A2 white card leaving an unpainted border all around the edges is the best way to truly judge colour. The unpainted white border holds it away from existing wall colours so you see it in reality not altered by an existing colour.
You can move it from wall to wall to see how it alters - and it does - sometimes a lot. If you roll the card into a cone shape with the colour innermost and look into it - the cone- you will see how much deeper it is - as if all four walls were painted. Best of luck.

ronash, May 2, 4:04am
Am another with Spanish White throughout. It has a warm hue and seems to also pick up the colours in the room.

tahnasha, May 3, 4:19am
I just painted my hallway in one eighth Stonehenge, previously it was tea. I really like the Stonehenge.

sally63, May 3, 5:17am
Wow I did not know that about the cone-thanks. You are an artist?

sally63, May 3, 5:19am
Who makes Stonehenge please? I can't locate it on any of my( many )colour charts.

tahnasha, May 3, 9:33am

tahnasha, May 3, 9:39am
Yes I didn't realise how much colour changed depending on the light, I had tea on my walls and went to the Resene shop and I said to the lady in the shop I have tea on my walls currently, so she points to tea on the colour sheet. I go no that's not it, that's green. She goes that's tea. No well I must be mistaken then, maybe I don't have tea! I could have sworn I had tea LOL. So I took the colour sample home, stood in my kitchen, looked at the sample on the card, nah that's green. Walked up the hallway to where I had tea, and held it up against my wall, OMG, grey!

sally63, May 3, 10:06am
We had a house in Taupo and many of the colours went greenish. it was 2 factors- the light is different there and there were reflections from the odd shaped angles in the house that bounced light from the outside in. Made colour really tricky to judge.
Yes I agree, the colours on the chart is like the psppinks said. They have a white border but also many other similar colours nearby which fools the eye.Well it fools MY eye,lol!

Thanks for the reference Tahnasha. I will look it up