Trimming Doors

petroski, Jun 1, 8:12am
Just had ne carpet fitted that is thicker than the old stuff.
What's the best way to trim a bit off the bottom of wooden doors.
Belt sander with a coarse belt? There's about a dozen to do, 2-5mm off each.

hammer23, Jun 1, 8:23am
Me I prefer a router and a strait edge clamped to the door,but you will soon receive 500 other idea's all as good to choose from.

cabrio1, Jun 1, 8:37am
Straight edge pencil, two beers and a chainsaw.
At least that's what the fella used on the doors in my house!

jonners2013, Jun 1, 8:43am
Plane the bottom edge off.

tezw1, Jun 1, 8:48am
electric hand planner is what I use. Have the door clamped so its on its side, but standing up not on its flat. You can make a simple clamp with a lenght of 4 x 2 and a wedge. Always run the planner down then flip the door over, otherwise you can split off the clashing strip. Use a bit of sandpaper to aris the edges. I always mark the bottom of the door before I take it off too, early in my appreticeship I took the top off a door rather than the bottom. It took several hours of stuffing around to fix.

happychappy50, Jun 1, 9:20am
As outlined in # 3 & 5 power planer,come in from both ends to save splintering the stiles,mark the amount to come off before removing the doors

trade4us2, Jun 1, 9:21am
I would mark where it needs to be cut to, take the door off, clamp a piece of wood across as a guide, and cut the bottom off with a circular saw.
Otherwise I have a biscuit cutter that will cut the bottom off without taking the door off.

jkp58, Jun 1, 9:29am
do one door at a time. Run a pencil along bottom of door .you can rest the door on two sawhorses towels under door .Plane with planer. Planers are cheap at Bunnings.f you don't have sawhorse use dinning chairs 2 each side

ayjay1, Jun 1, 7:08pm
I use skill saw. I start with a straight edge like a level or similar then if it is a Rimu or Mahogany door or what ever I mark a line with a Stanley knife along my cut and cut with the skillsaw just off that mark. This prevents chipping. If it is custom wood then you dont have to me so fussy and just give both sides of the door a wipe with a bit of sand paper to take the edge off it a bit

brigette6, Dec 25, 4:56pm
Router with straight edge = very clean cut