Can cat doors be installed in patterned glass?

dibble35, Jun 28, 2:11am
The door that would be the obvious place to put a cat door in at my place has rippled/patterned glass. Is it possible to install in to this or does it have to be plain glass?, TIA

datoofairy, Jun 28, 2:15am
Mines in patterned glass.

dibble35, Jun 28, 2:21am
Thanks, I thought I remembered hearing something years ago that the patterned glass was likely to break. but I must be remembering wrong

lotsagiggles, Jul 7, 10:45am
I think that if it was already in patterned glass then it could stay in it. If ripped out then you have to get new glass because it is stronger than the patterned glass. We had the same thing happen and they would not put it back in the same style of glass. Basically it was grandfathered in so didn't have to be up to the same strength as the 'norm' till it had to be replaced.

dibble35, Jul 7, 7:11pm
well my patterned glass didn't last long, silly dog tried one to many times to get thru the cat door and cracked the glass. The glazier who put the cat door in reckoned the glass was illegal anyway - to thin for door glass. Now maybe I can replace both bits and get them matching.

mrscat, Nov 28, 3:44pm
Speak to a professional cat door installer. I didn't think I could get a cat door to fit my 15 pane glass door, but I did. I have kept the antique glass pane they removed for reuse if necessary and I had a spare bit of coloured glass they used to fill in the space left when removing the pane. All is well in catland.