Putting french doors in an exterior wall

julzienz, Jun 2, 9:34am
Is it possible to get a ballpark on what this would cost? The wall is blank at the moment. What kind of things would we have to consider before getting this done?

skin1235, Jun 2, 9:39am
on a non weight bearing wall? not a hell of a lot, an a weight bearing wall, 3 permits, 4 inspectors visits, 2 carpenters and an engineer, a report from each in duplicate for the council, plans drawn by some doodler at $200 pr hr, a week away from home and a hell of a mess when you come back to doors that don't seal out the wind, let in the rain, probably open the wrong way, and already have 3 cracks in them

skin1235, Jun 2, 9:41am
if its non weight bearing get the cuzzies around and shout a crate or two, job done by Sat evening just in time for the footy

skin1235, Jun 2, 9:50am
opps forgot, there may be electrical wires to a plug in that wall

engage an electrician, and a go'fer, allow for an inspector, and allow that the inspector will want the entire house rewired and the meter box moved 400mm to the right cos it just doesn't look right where it is, he'll want his 350 fee before refusing to sign it off until the other 1200 worth is done - or you can just cut the wire, insulate the ends properly and no longer have that plug right where the door now is, personally I'd just move the plug to one side of the new door and forget about the electricians in the first place, probably won't even need to remove the wires, just loop the spare into the wall cavity

bugga forgot about wall cavity, if it doesn't have insulation in it already you'll have to strip the entire house to fit it right round, which will mean reclad the entire thing with the correct air gaps and moisture retention skin applied so the house now becomes an incubator, so you'll have to fit ventilation to get all that moisture laden air out of it - by sucking even more moisture laden air into it

gets complicated real quick - might be better to just burn it down, and when they rebuild get then to fit french doors on that wall

skin1235, Jun 2, 9:55am
sorry julz, in the time it has taken to write this I could have whipped the chainsaw out and be now fitting the doors - but only if it is non weightbearing

if it is weightbearing you need to talk to a carpenter and or an engineer, the weight above has to be supported over the door or the structural integrity of the building is compromised

and some wiring cam be moved by the home owner, some has to e done by a sparkie
insulation is a moot point, some councils demand it when any work is done, to what extent is up to their mood on the day, some don't worry about it at all

tezw1, Jun 2, 9:57am
On a serious note, in an exterior blank wall you are going to need a building consent and to get that you will need a plan, which if you can't do yourself you will need a designer with at least a design 1 licence. Unless you are going to do the work yourself you will also need a builder with a carpentry licence.

skin1235, Jun 2, 10:24am
thank god theres someone who can see the above in the manner it was intended

cagivachick1, Jun 3, 8:22am
makes you wonder how all those old houses out there have lasted so long,seeing as there wasnt a army of clipboard carrying flurovest wearing council wallahs getting in the way

apollo11, Jun 3, 11:10am
Friends of ours put a set of doors in without consent, properly done by a professional builder, just didn't want to bother with council. When they went to sell they had to get an engineer to check the doors for the council to issue a certificate of acceptance. As stated above, to get council involved you may need to spend a great deal of money before anyone reaches for a hammer.

gabbysnana, Jun 4, 8:26am
the trick is to put in doors that always look like they were there and in materials pre 1992, then the whole thing is as is where is. Gotta think outside the circumference of the council.

skin1235, Jun 5, 12:06am
which shouldn't be too hard, most of them have a very small circle that disappears very quickly up a close orifice, it just takes lots of money to find which person owns the orifice in question

instantly, Jun 5, 12:11am
How do you tell if its a load bearing wall?

skin1235, Jun 5, 12:28am
look at the roof and where the roof sits on the house, or how it sits on the house

budgel, Jun 5, 6:13am
Instead of a roof weight, a loadbearing wall could have a bracing element in it.

skin1235, Dec 22, 11:00pm
I should not have assumed that anyone reading this would look at the roof, decide it was non weightbearing, and attack the gable end wall with a chainsaw
what I did assume was that anyone who did not know what a weightbearing wall was and how to check for such would think it a good idea to get a builder to check the situation before firing up the poulan, once the builder has checked and explained what can be done then the poulan can be kicked into life, and kicked into life, and kicked into life, and kicked into life, and kicked across the street, then the builder can come back and do the job