Stripping internal rimu doors

treens2, May 9, 4:35am
Have got about 95% paint of the doors, mainly used heat gun. Suggestions to remove last 5%.Thinking about having them dip stripped, anyone done this and where you happy with result, seen some furniture dip stripped years ago and the furniture seemed to have lost its depth.

nzmax, May 9, 4:51am
After I did my four panel villa doors with the heat gun, I used paint stripper on the bits of paint left and steel wool to remove it. The fine steel wool (I just used the lemon steelo from under the sink) wont scratch the timber, but is abrasive enough to remove the bubbled paint. You can also shape the steel wool to push into the grooves of any mouldings that may be on the door. After I had finished with the stripper, I just wiped over with a damp rag to remove any stripper. Good gloves are a must.

johotech, May 9, 4:57am
Dip strippers just dip and waterblast. No need for all that mucking around with a heat gun.

You can do it at home by using paint stripper, then a nylon scrubbing brush and the garden hose. Might have to have a second go on the hard to move paint.

annies3, May 9, 5:22am
Very satisfying job to see the finished article, as above heat gun but careful you don't want to singe the timber.

treens2, May 9, 5:59am
Ok thanks, whats best paint stripper to buy, my old villa has 14 doors, son and I used to have an antique shop, so know the process re steel wool, son has now passed on after long battle with cancer

zak410, May 9, 8:10am
Stripper is good for the job but make sure you read about safety procedure, use outdoor if at all possible.

best paint stripper I don??

tanya170, May 9, 9:08am
I have used the Coopers stuff, absolutely bloody fantastic. Works exactly like they say and is quick and works. Stripped large bifold windows. It is expensive, but I tried the normal stripper from Bunnings first and it was not a patch on the Coopers.

racheal77, May 9, 9:57pm
Bunnings do sell one in a large tin - like a petrol tin that can be sprayed on, might be better value wise than Coopers as you have so many to do?

cleggyboy, May 9, 11:13pm
Yep very please with the quick result I got.

locoloco, May 10, 7:53am
I used this one from Bunnings and found it very good. I checked out Consumer and was what they recommended. Can't remember the name but I think only one with a spray bottle attached.

mrploppy, Jan 13, 4:51pm
I started the same job several years ago - I have 12 doors to do. If they are hollow doors, you cannot dip them as they buckle, and belt sanding uses a lot of belts. I could not find a business to do the job as the time factor is too long. I did a few by stripping and sanding, but I found the finish was patchy, as the original varnish had soaked into the ply (not solid wood). This summer I have used a Coopers Paint Stripping system and found it excellent. Very little finish sanding required, used sanding sealer then 2 coats of urethane varnish and the doors look like new again.