Converting big indutrial light shade for home

sally63, Apr 17, 1:06am
Does anyone know where in New Plymouth I would go for this. Its a cool shade and at present has a hook at the top with a plug in cord. I don't know what sort of bulb it had. Who would I take it to to ask please?

skin1235, Apr 17, 1:32am
how many pins on the plug, a lot of those where 3 phase 400V 500W-1000W
bulbs, you wouldn't want that over your kitchen table ( it will melt the tabletop AND blind you)

sally63, Apr 17, 1:44am
Eeek!. It has an ordinary 3 point plug on it.I suppose a new cord and plug could somehow be retrofitted into it as long as it was not too expensive but I don't know who to go to. I just want it so it can hang from the ceiling, not plug in to the wall.

mouse265, Apr 17, 3:18am
Have you thought of contacting an electrician they should know their job

ryanm2, Apr 17, 3:52am
Obviously you wouldn't want something like this in your house though.

macman26, Apr 17, 4:31am
Ask an electrician to rip the gear out and fit an es or bc ceramic lampholder then fit a lamp of your choice. Use the existing hook mounted on top of the shade and a bit of chain to secure to the ceiling.
oh yes. Get a ceiling rose to on the ceiling to attach the flex into.

sally63, Apr 17, 5:56am
Great. Thanks all. Very helpful

bill1451, Apr 17, 7:23am
Beats me why you would have anything like this near your house let alone in it, these are known as "hi bay" fittings as seen in warehouses and supermarkets, you can buy the shades for 20 bucks at wholesalers

sally63, Apr 17, 8:06am
Well I looked them up and the nearest thing to what I have was pretty expensive so maybe we are talking about different fittings? Retro industrial is very 'in' at the moment. All a matter of individual taste:)

sr2, Apr 17, 12:53pm
+1, you can't give metal halide high bays away for love nor money. I've thrown out literally hundreds of them over the last 3 years having them replaced with T5's and more recently LED's.

lillol, Apr 17, 9:09pm
Haha some people make me laugh!

ryanm2, Apr 17, 9:17pm
I was implying you dont want a 400w MVR lamp over your kitchen bench or whatever.

sally63, Apr 18, 12:36am
Each to their own. SR2, can you put up a pic of the type you have been throwing away? I am now curious!
Ryan, I get what you mean. I would not want to set my house alight either:)

sr2, Apr 18, 3:07am

sally63, Feb 1, 11:17am
Thanks SR2. Very decent of you:) No, mine is nothing like this. Mine is really beautiful and when I have finished with it ,it will be even better. Thanks so much. I was getting worried for a moment!