Niegbours deadly night shade

butterfly2041, Jan 6, 6:33am
is all over thier overgrown garden, thats fine thier buiseness.but is starting to come through the fence and into my garden onto my plants. I have weed killed it on my side, my question is, is rude or appropriate/reasonablefor me to ask them to control, manage itas its now comming into my section!

jills3, Jan 6, 6:36am
Just my opinion but yes tell your neighbours about the deadly night shade, they probably havent got a clue what it is or probably dont care.

steptoesnr, Jan 6, 7:06am
Rather unlikely to be DEADLY nightshade, more likely the common 'nightshade'. If you are really concerned take a plant for identification to someone knowlegeable before you panic.

maclad, Jan 6, 7:19am
Ditto, agree, not all nightshade is DEADLY. Get some info before you panic.

oh_hunnihunni, Jan 6, 7:21am
It's actually edible. and birds love it. Which is how it crosses boundaries. Best have a word with our feathered friends.

spiritofgonzo, Jan 6, 7:33am
It's black nightshade.Although prevalent, it's not all that hard to weed it, or spray it.Personally, I wouldn't say anything (you don't want to piss off your neighbours). . but up to you.

butterfly2041, Jan 6, 8:02am
thanks, they will know as he has done horticulture courses, its not worrying due to if its 'deadly' or not so Im not pannicking, just that its over taken and wound round lots of plants etc. but yea if I can manage it without it becoming too much of a problem I wont say anything :) its the green leafy one with a white flower

wheelz, Jan 6, 8:08am
Offer to weed it out for him. That might inspire him to weed his own section. If my neighbour complained about any weed of mine invading their place, I'd be shamed into fixing he problem!

canz, Jan 6, 10:04am
night shade is lethal, could try spraying with salt and water, if you want a really good kill 1/3 cup of salt to 2lts of water, and add a couple of teaspoons of urea or nitrogen, the nitrogen makes the plant grow, and sucks the salt and water down into the roots.

wheelz, Jan 6, 10:11am
Easy enough to pull out

kateley, Jan 6, 6:25pm
sounds more like convolvulus - I've not noticed nightshade winding round other plants.

patxyz, Jan 6, 6:33pm
agree kateley.

lythande1, Jan 18, 2:58am
Before you rush off and eat the stuff, check which is which.
And do you know birds eat the berries of Woolly Nightshade too! But I wouldn't recommend people try it.

My neighbour has nightshade - inc woolly, jasmine, convolvulus, wandering jew, ivy, privet and all the other lovely weeds. We spoke to him, but he doesn't care. So I just maintain what ends up encroaching over this side.