Roses for shade help please

wisconsin, Dec 12, 3:07am
We have part of a 6 ft boundary fence that gets very little sun in winter (shaded by the house) but gets sun in summer from about 1pm onwards.Any suggestions for a rose, preferably climbing, that will tolerate the winter shade but not cook in summer
Thanks :)

helianthus, Dec 12, 3:38am
Get an Ayrshire rose and let it ramble over the fence - we love ours.

scout_6001, Dec 12, 4:01am
We had a similar situation and puta Cecile Brunner climbing rose there, it thrived very well and is very hardy.

stevee6, Dec 12, 4:02am
Banksia roses are pretty tolerant - I've grown them in a range of conditions and they tough it out quite well. Albertine is always recommended for a shadyish spot too.

laurenlee, Dec 12, 7:52am
I have 'uetersen'-it is prolific and flowers all summer,under a gingko can prune it or leave it to its own ideas,which I do.It is a lovely splash of colour that does not fade as it would if out in the sun.

mkbooks, Dec 12, 8:48am
Wen had Madame Alfred Carrier at our last house, in semi shade + flowered for months. Nice shaped creamy-pink buds then flowers, OK in vases too
Uetersen is fantastic, the healthiest rose, flowers for months. Sally Holmes can handle a bit of shade-grows quite tall even though not a climber officially. Golden Wings is also a lovely climber + can handle shade

lemming2, Dec 12, 7:52pm
Mutabilis is astonishingly tough, climbs, flowers prolifically all year (in Auckland) and quite showy AND doesn't get Rust or Black Spot in our humid conditions!

wisconsin, Dec 13, 6:36am
Wow, thanks for all your replies, think I'm going to be spoilt for choice when I go to the garden centers :D

wisconsin, Dec 13, 8:26am
Oh that's purdy thanks :)

fergus96, Dec 14, 6:12am
Another vote for Madame Alfred Carriere from me.We have it climbing our verandah in the shade but has sun on the parts that are growing on the roof.Beautiful rose that flowers forever!

maclad, Dec 14, 6:36am
Banksia roses do not repeat flower and are prone to bugs and sooty mould

breness, Dec 14, 8:36am
And once you have Albertine you have it forever. It is terribly rampant and quite vicious with it's thorns. Having said that it has the most gorgeous flowers. I planted it once from a cutting and in two seasons had filled the space I had for it , climbed right over the double garage roof and also the roof of the pig pen behind it. Unstoppable once it gets going.
I agree with the last comment on Banksia rose.They are delicate and gorgeous but do not repeat flower.
And as an extra most roses love the sun. Another good doer is Compassion. The neighbours one here climbs right over our tall fence. Well the neighbour told me it was Compassion.
Best of luck with your search.
I will find the photo of Raubritter and post for you. It is an old fashioned rose so a once flowerer. I love it and have Nellie Moser Clematis climbing though it. Spectacular and it covers a big area fairly quickly.

stevee6, Dec 14, 8:39am
Have to disagree on all three. Our Banksia alba plena has flowers on it ten months of the year with the main flush in October, and only gets sooty mould if I forget to check for aphids(which all my roses except the moss rose are slightly prone to).

ustr28, Dec 15, 2:43pm
Madame Alfred Carrier is very nice, grows large and is scented as well as repeat flowering.