Shade house

ngacooky, Mar 29, 8:04am
what do you grow or use yoursfor!We have just shifted to a house that has one and after abit of TLC to get it back into order it will be ready to use.Im not one for really raising seedlings or anything,so just wondering what elsei could use it for. TIA

val182, Mar 29, 8:45am
It depends if you live in a cold climate or not. Some people grow their tender crops under cover all year round. It is good for Tomatoes or cucumbers. Begonias and other tender flowers would be another suggestion.

strebor1, Mar 29, 8:49am
Tomatoes like sun, a shadehouse wouldn't be suitable for that. A greenhouse or glasshouse would be. Shadehouses are good for cymbidium orchids amongst other things.

susievb, Mar 29, 9:30pm
My parent grow all the vegs including tomatoes in there as more to keep birds and white butterflies out. How much shade cloth vs how much netting I suppose for sunlight is the main thing. My parents also have a couple of blueberry bushes, red currants, raspberries, black berries.

From memory their one is quite large, and has shade cloth on the top, and down one side, but nothing near it to cast a shadow to add shade to it.

kateley, May 2, 4:01pm
you could grow fuchsias, ferns, small camellias and rhodos, cyclamen - all sorts of lovely things.