Earth Bag house

chantilly, Apr 30, 11:54pm
Has anyone built one, or live in one.Sometimes referred to as super adobe

stevo2, May 1, 5:21am
I have built rammed earth (about 250m2) That is all.

rednicnz, May 2, 10:37pm
Try the EcoBob website. Someone there might know more.

smallwoods, May 4, 8:00am
Would like more info.

stevo2, May 4, 8:34am
Take a look at my online photo album. Feel free to ask any questions.
Cheers Stevo

thea4, May 4, 10:22pm
Hi all did you see the house that survived the Nepal earthquake it was made using filled bags. cannot remember what they were filled with.

peacebird15, May 5, 8:42am
They are generally filled with dirt with barb wire layed between the layers to stop it from shifting, Cheap, easily built, low material cost, easy to insulate, Tough as heck, literally bombproof! But I dont think its approved for use in nz

soldnz1, Jan 16, 1:03pm
hi. i helped on a build for one at awhi farm in turangi. check their website