Leather sofa from a smokers house, how do I get

nowsgood, Apr 8, 2:15am
rid of the smell? Thanks

tigger8, Apr 8, 3:21am
try baking soda sprinkled around or under

rbd, Apr 8, 7:20am
Scarfies are always successful at getting bad smells out of couches.

pogram0, Apr 8, 7:55am
There is a product available at the supermarket called Nilodor. I don't see why this product would not work on leather.

pauline999, Apr 8, 8:14am
perhaps you could contact a store selling leather sofas and ask them to recommend a cleaning product. You can wash leather with a commercial leather cleaning product and a damp (not soaking wet)

kenw1, Apr 8, 8:29am
Burn it, probably the only way you will get rid of the stink. The tar and chemicals will have penetrated the wooden frame of the couch.

customise84, Feb 7, 7:03am
I tried so many things, vinegar (read that on google) febreeze, soapy water, proper leather couch cleaner, baby wipes. you name it. The only thing that helped was actually putting it outside in the sun every day for about 3 days. It actually worked. and now you cannot smell it at all (as a non smoker, I was very aware of the smell. cried the first night we bought it, because you couldn't smell the smell in the guys garage)