Cost of carpeting a 90sqm house?

gingerwoman5, Apr 27, 8:05am
So it seems there is no general home and living section on this message board, I don't want to do this myself. What kind of cost do you think it would be to get someone to replace the carpet?

eddienz, Apr 27, 8:12am
depends on what type of carpet you go for, we done 75m2 and it was around $6500

pauline999, Apr 27, 7:59pm
I paid $4000 for 81sq m house. It was one grade up from 'budget' price carpet and included underlay.

gabbysnana, Apr 27, 8:33pm
$3000 top quality carpet and underlay and laid. went to a carpet place on Northshore bought a roll. they freighted it free to the carpet layers place. house is 90 Sq.

mrfxit, Apr 27, 10:08pm
Budget synthetic carpet with rubber underlay
100sqr meter house with 10 doorway hallway + they did the wardrobe floors as well.
Included vinyl in the kitchen

mrfxit, Apr 27, 10:11pm
Number of doorways /any odd shaped rooms / moving furniture & lifting old carpet can make a huge difference to price.

intheoneone, Apr 30, 5:14am
And also, the number of "cuts" in the carpet ie. Where the joins are. This can influence the cost quite a bit.

goldywing, May 4, 9:02pm
flooring firms do quotes these days. apparently

maccachic1, May 5, 12:36am
90m2 (minus any non carpeted areas) x by laid m2 rate ring round / call in not hard

karrie3, May 6, 3:17am
I had 22m2 laid, old carpet taken up and away, top quality underfelt, furniture moved etc. Carpet was expensive 100% thick pile nylon, original cost $210 p lineal metre. Best quote of 3 was $5,000

gingerwoman5, May 22, 2:35am
Any good places in West or Central Auckland can recommend?

maverick67, Jan 3, 4:50pm
We carpeted two places as follows
80m2 100% wool berber carpet. With 9mm underlay (we had already lifted and removed the old carpet, the carpet bars were already in place. Laid $3000
75m2 100% wool berber carpet (same carept as above) with 11mm underlay, lifted old carpet and removed, laid carpet bars. $2600
As you can see there is some difference between the two jobs. The first was with Harrisons Carpet One. Would not use them again. While they stated the carpet was hot special etc. Their price for laying etc we later found over inflated, and carpet not really discounted as much as they made out. Many carpet companies use different names for carpets to what the manufacturer calls it, to make it really difficult for you to compare and find what it is being sold for elsewhere. So watch for that