House flies driving me nutz!

vomo2, Mar 15, 10:58pm
Can anyone recommend a fly spray that actually works? It seems the beggars are immune to all I spray.

slimdog, Mar 15, 11:02pm
A pirate walks into the doctors. The doctor says "You have the ships wheel shoved down the front of your pantaloons."
The pirate says "Arrrr it's driving me nuts."

hilt_dwane, Mar 15, 11:05pm
The best one I have found is at Binn Inn. All the supermarket ones are as effective as water

yapper, Mar 15, 11:21pm
I use the one that goes off every seven minutes and it's so so good. Costs a bit at first but once you get the basic thing you'd never go back, imo. You can set for 12 or 24 hours. I have mine on 12. If I see a fly I never worry and sure enough it's gone in a trice. Not sure if they go back outside or die, but they are not in my house.

stevo2, Mar 15, 11:34pm
I bought a Robocan several years ago and its brilliant. Very rarely see flies in the house. I ran outa gas a couple of weeks ago and didnt replace it because I thought Summer was over, then it was flies galore.
I replaced it after a couple of days and the flies are gone again.

fhpottery, Mar 16, 2:15am
I do know that flies return to dirty spots on light fittings (ever noticed they pick on one spot all the time? ) Keep fly spots cleaned off, and use natural sprays. Pyrethren good. Some organic people like to plant things like marigolds around the place to avoid insects. It's too windy here in coastal Taranaki for robocans. I just individually hunt each fly down with. PAMS flyspray, I find it good.

fhpottery, Mar 16, 2:20am
. and they are bad at the moment too. Sensing the end of the happy summer days landing on your cheese platter and dips!

maclad, Mar 16, 2:27am
I have had a Robocan for several years now and they certainly are very good. I seldom ever see flies in my home, (have to say it is so nice not to have them annoying me all the time) and my walls and ceilings are pretty much spot free. You can buy more cheaply a cannister that fits the Robocan dispenser and I would spend roughly $20 to $30 yearly on spray, which I consider cheap particularly as I can "set and forget".

kaddiew, Mar 16, 2:29am
I don't like using sprays inside so over the last 2 summers installed DIY insects screens on windows. For the ranchsider that's open all day I bought one of those cheap retro fly curtains that look like coloured licorice straps, and flutters in the breeze. I now have a fly-free zone.

vomo2, Mar 16, 3:51am
We are also in coastal Taranaki. Ive never known them to be so bad. I bought a commercial grade robocan today, hopefully that will sort them out.

venna2, Mar 16, 4:06am
I don't use fly spray as I am allergic/sensitive to it, as with all sprays and suchlike. I have old fashioned fly swats - plastic is fine but they must be the type with holes as otherwise they make a draught and the fly has time to get out of the way.

cleggyboy, Mar 16, 4:15am
Why don't you invest in an electric zapper, the two bar ones, they are less than a $100 and mine has been going for over 12 mths with no problems. It won't take long to pay for itself with the saving on water in an aerosol can.

It gets all the moths as well.

5425, Mar 16, 5:39am
You forgot about the extra electricity these units use and the cost of replacement tubes. Also cant have smoke detectors to close either.

marzuka, Mar 16, 9:37am
lol, make your own FlySucka2000 vacuum attachment like I did few a moments ago - using just 10 cents worth of paper and duct tape - and you'll enjoy endless hours of entertainment and unimagined emotional fulfillment:

Animation: Picture:

Of course, real fly hunters don't resort to such performance enhancing cheats, they just use the standard vac nozzle and their years honed wit and guile.

nchun, Mar 16, 10:39am
I'm surprised no-one has suggested hanging up sticky Fly Strips roll tapes. They are completely non-toxic, economical to buy and work exceptionally well. Bunnings has their own "Buzz" branded ones that come in a 8 pack. You simply hang them up and flies are attracted to them and get stuck on the natural glue. They will clear a huge amount of house flies from your rooms. Change the tapes whenever you want as they start to load up. Cheers!

lythande1, Mar 16, 5:10pm
Doesn't last.
Keep it clean -but even then, they come in, they can smell your cooking for one thing.
The thing that keeps them away is wind.
Set up a fan in the living and dining areas. or more than one.
No more flies.

cleggyboy, Mar 16, 7:30pm
I have noticed no increase in power usage, if there was, I would be ditching it cos I'm a pensioner and need to keep an eye on power usage.
I have it in my kitchen, where it is advisable not to have a smoke alarm, due to cooking fumes.

pauldw, Mar 16, 7:58pm
Does it get anything other than moths? I've tried one and the lesser house flies that do endless zigzags around the room seem to show no interest in it. The only dead things in it were moths.

gilligee, Mar 16, 8:33pm
Vinegar simmering on the stove is magic.

cleggyboy, Mar 16, 10:08pm
Yep it gets flies and even had a couple of preying mantis meet their fate.

jane310567, Mar 16, 10:26pm
I have never had an issue with flies but just lately they are crazy here in chch - i reckon its the warm weather - i have sprayed them directly but they don't die. They are quite small and hang about the same area all the time. I wonder if the neighbours piles of rubbish in their yard is not helping.

maclad, Mar 3, 4:06pm
Slightly OT but I remember years ago, ( so long ago it is hard to recall), lol. We lived in Taupo and on two ocassions within a few days of each other the ceilings were literally black with many hundreds of flies. They were very slow and lethargic and Mum was able to suck them up with the vac no trouble. They did not move. It was very strange.