Painting interior of the house

dasfi, Apr 2, 7:01am
We are looking at a few houses which would require a full repaint indoors. Has anyone painted the whole inside before on roughly a 110 m2 house? I am wondering on a rough cost in which it can be done.

jkp58, Apr 2, 7:17am
many factors to consider
is the place empty
do the floors have to be covered
wood or alumium windows
paint or vanish colours etc condition of the substate
many others so arough idea is $8000

soxxy, Apr 2, 7:32am
Paint it yourselves. We are in our 60's and 70's and did it ourselves. Just make sure you've got a good gibstopper if you need repairs to the walls. Mitre10 has a lady who will give you excellent advice on which paints to use where. She's excellent. Just put lots of old sheeting around where you are painting. If you need to sand window sills or around door frames, cover all furniture and keep doors closed between each room project. Good luck.

dasfi, Apr 2, 7:44am
We know how to do it ourselves so will be doing it. It was just the cost of buying everything and how much we need i was unsure about.

jkp58, Feb 16, 11:44am