Glass house growing in the winter?

springgrove, May 7, 9:02am
So what can you grow in the glass house over winter. new to this, any suggestions (legal) ones greatly appreciated.

melonhead1, May 7, 9:11am
Its the night time temperatures that are the killer. If you can keep those up then peas and maybe beans would be ok.
The shorter day lengths will limit the size that things will grow to even if you could keep it warm at night.

aj.2., May 7, 9:34am
OP, grow some spuds.
But best is a green crop, like mustard seeds, then dig them in about 3 -4 weeks before growing season, you will get good tomatoes next season.

aurora5, May 12, 9:57am
I've been told zucinni grow over winter ok.

twain1, May 12, 7:18pm
A glasshouse doesnt immediately give you a passport to winter growing. Mine still gets frost inside in auckland so this limits what I can grow during the colder months.
Most of the winter greens sbhould do well indoors, chinese greens, lettuces, silver beat etc.
As mentioned, the daylight hours and temps are the limiting factors and the former cant be changed by the arrival of a glass house unless you are going to use lighting or heat lamps

bluefrog2, May 12, 11:53pm
Cabbages and spring onions do well, but you have to plant them in autumn to get a reasonable sized plant by winter. Often plant growth is affected by the shorter daylight hours rather than the cold.
I sow whole packs of winter spinach and bok choi in late winter in my glasshouse, and the seeds sprout once it's warm enough to give me a very quick harvest of spring greens. Harvest is often within 6 weeks of sprouting.

meoldchina, Jan 10, 9:43am
I grow broad beans in my greenhouse. I don't have to worry about the wind blowing them over and if I leave the door open during the fine weather the bees come in and pollinate them.