Shade sail query

maclad, Apr 27, 5:18am
I have been give a flag pole which I intend to use to attach my shade sail to. It will be placed in my garden so I no longer need to attach the sail to a fascia board which is not a great idea. What I want to know is how deep I need to put this pole into the ground and how much concrete I need to put round it for good stability. Keep in mind that I want at least 30 to 40cm of soil above the top of the concrete so I can plant round it.

dollydot, Apr 27, 5:29am
We put a huge pole in for our large shade sail to cope with Wellington conditions. Not sure of the exact depth but our 8 yr old at the time to stand in it and only just stick his head out! I remember my husband having to use many bags of concrete mix. Maybe ring a shade sail company and ask how deep they'd recommend. Don't count the garden soil on top as that will offer no strength to support the pole, so whatever you decide below the garden soil. I can check with husband when he's back from walking the dog.

maclad, Apr 27, 5:33am
I'm not counting on the soil for any support just need an idea of how deep to dig and want to grow on top of concrete.The top will be at a height of 2 to 3.5 m and the area is somewhat sheltered.

meoldchina, Apr 27, 7:16am
I hope your flagpole is strong enough. Ours is aluminium and has bent under the strain of a lightweight, made in China, polyester flag. Our shade sail is attached to 100ml square sectioned tubular steel and in very strong coastal winds I can see it flexing. They have to withstand immense pressure.

captaingraham, Apr 27, 8:49am
I would go about 900mm deep, 600mm concrete.

stevo2, Apr 27, 9:27am
I've always put concrete in 1mt deep. There is a LOT of strain on the pole so make sure it is strong enough.

maclad, Apr 27, 9:05pm
Thanks that is helpful and I will check to see what pole is made of but think it is solid steel. I do realise that I need to put it in deep and ensure it is secure.

missymoo1000, Apr 28, 10:05pm
I put in a 100mm diameter galvanised pole for our shade sail. I sunk it in a 1000mm deep by 500mm wide hole and on some days you could see the pole flexing. No issues with it moving, but jusy having the shade sail tensioned properly there is quite a strain on the pole and other fixings. If the sail isnt in enough tension, it will also billow in the wind and rip fixings out of walls etc.

whitehead., Apr 29, 6:24am
straining posts have a foot on them you get a half fence post and cut a slot in your post so it sits side ways then when you dig your hole up dig side ways as well think cross and then you pour your concrete to full up the hole . it makes it very hard to pull out

maclad, Apr 30, 4:34am
This pole will only sit about 2 or 2.5 metres tall and will be set deep with heaps of concrete. Last year it was attached to neighbours, garage, fascia board as garage is on my boundary and it was very convienent and the fascia board stayed intact as it is quite sheltered. I am not too worried about movement now after all the great advise which I will follow. Thanks