Annuals that like shade

trah, Nov 6, 3:56am
And are available now? Any suggestions anyone?

dannydonut, Nov 6, 4:21am
Maybe tolerate- lobelia, begonias

fhpottery, Nov 6, 4:24am
Is aqualegia an annual? They look nice. Cinneraria (sp? ) is OK but common.

gilligee, Nov 6, 4:25am
Impatiens, impatiens, impatiens!
Easy care and like sun or shade.

trah, Nov 6, 6:26am
I forgot to say. Except impatiens! I am going to weed and replant a shady border for an elderly friend who can't attend to it anymore. They had asked for cyclamen, but the only ones I can find at this time are pot plants and very expensive. They are more of a winter plant. They don't want impatiens, unfortunately !

golfdiver, Nov 6, 6:35am
Hostas , Chatham island forget me nots, azaleas

samanya, Nov 6, 8:11am
That would be my choice as well, but they are not annuals.

golfdiver, Nov 6, 8:21am
Aww Gummon! I was trying to sound like a botanist

gilligee, Nov 6, 8:59am
Daisies. Bellis perennis.

bluefrog2, Nov 6, 9:45pm
I added hellebores, but that's not an annual either. What about perennials that come up ever year like corydalis? They do well in partial shade and disappear every winter.

trah, Aug 7, 2:05am
Thanks all for the ideas. I shall give him the list to look at.