Dry shade "lawn" cover

lemming2, Feb 27, 11:34pm
Any suggestions for what I could sow to simulate lawn in an area of fairly deep shade under a large tree! Even moss doesn't like it much, as the tree sucks up most of any moisture that gets there.

spiritofgonzo, Feb 28, 6:07am
how about dichondra plugs / or seed

guest, Oct 9, 11:36am
levi, haha already on it but have a few thbmus to look at, trying to find that right angle that describes the connection your father and i made that afternoon.nick: thanks a lot! honestly a lot of life drawing and just going out and drawing stuff helps you develop a style, so just draw draw! thanks againmark: thanks man, see you next week!

guest, Oct 11, 8:27am
ok Rick... i gotta ask.. How did art inst. of Seattle teach you THIS style of art??? :) loland what IS this style of art clelad??? .. i know Neal Hanson does something similar. i love it and i just dont know how to innovate it to my own, to where it looks like yours but still catered to my originality.

guest, May 30, 9:48am
I received the mrcoargeehwer in about a week after ordering it . The delivery company put it right in my garage and I had it assembled in about 30 minutes. After charging it overnight I cut both my front and back lawn with plenty of power to spare. It takes time getting used to because you have to go slower then with a gas rider and it has a lot of safety switches on it. The things I like most about it is I just have to charge it once after using it and then unplug it and it is ready to go in a week when I'm set to mow again. Also it has a very even cut which I didn't get with my other mowers because I have a lot of uneven spots in my lawn.I can also use it as apower chair if I need to get something up at the store because with the 3 hour run time it makes it with ease. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it bogs down a little going up hill and doesn't do leaves and a week after I bought it amazon dropped the price by $300.