Dry shade

lemming2, Dec 11, 1:01am
I have a small area of dry - very dry - shady garden outside a floor-length window which I would love to fill with something low-growing and fast-spreading. I have planted a yellow Clivia to begin with, but I also have to contend with neighbourhood cats using the area as a toilet. I have replanted the Clivia twice . I regularly remove the cats' deposits, hose down, spray with anticat and spread dollops of Skunkshot, but Really want something to grow there. It's not completely deep shade but sunlight is dappled and only for a short time in midmorning.

stevee6, Dec 11, 3:23am
Violets - tough as, smell glorious in winter and are evergreen. Quick spreaders too.

wheelz, Dec 11, 4:00am
I have a similar situation in which I have Lily of the Valley thriving. Although I do have an irrigation system n place ( easy to install yourself ) and handy to be able to turn on when cats are lingering too long in the area!

gag5, Dec 11, 8:17am
what about ajuga reptans! just thinking of putting this in a large area under evergreen trees so quite shady & dry - hope it works. Google tells me it should. & its a great little groundcover - gorgeous flowers & intersting foliage too.

redpenn, Dec 12, 12:53am
Lamiums - groundcover spreads nicely, doesn't mind shade.
Two old species I know of.
"Pink Pixie" leaves dark green with a silver streak down the middle about 2 mm wide; tiny pale pink flowers
"Silver Beacon" - leaves provide the silver, each with the perimeter of dark green (about 1 mm wide); small dark pink flowers.
There's also a feral one with yellow flowers (species unknown) which will race to cover your ground.

Good things about these -
- you can clip them if they try to encroach on the lawn/path,
- they'll let tall spring flowering bulbs push up between them.
- they'll grow from cuttings.

lemming2, Dec 13, 6:58am
Thanks for suggestions. Violets are no: they hated it! Should have mentioned I'm in Auckland: I love Lilly of the Valley, but it doesn't like auckland . I'll try the Ajuga and Lamium though - but not the feral one!