Shade sail rain collector

kateley, Mar 17, 2:53am
We're having a good rainy day here in Nelson.It's the first rain since I had my shade sail put up.Even tho the sail is porous, it seems to be directing a lot of it's drips towards the middle.
So I've been keeping a bucket there all day and now every available bucket and all my watering cans are full with lovely fresh rain water to use on the garden when we get dry again.

raewyn64, Mar 17, 4:47am
great idea. Isn't it funny that 2 or so months ago when it rained we wouldn't have thought of collecting it.
I have a bowl in the kitchen sink for when running the tap and even though it has rained so well that our water tank is now full again, I have still saved the sink water :)

solarboy, Mar 17, 8:47am
Light shower this morning ( rural Masterton ) but only 2 or 3 drops in the gauge and disappeared during the day with a moderate 27 and stiff northerly - still waiting .

dms01, Mar 18, 5:42am
Bear Grylls would be proud of you

solarboy, Mar 19, 9:45am
It came.:-)About 16,000 litres from 70 mm of rain easing to nix again this afternoon.My collector tank went from nearly empty to nearly full.

wendalls, Mar 20, 9:34am
i rounded up buckets and wheelie garden bin thingy and lined them all up behind my shed where they collected about 40-50 litres! i also have a 20 litre bucket near my kitchen to tip any vege water or near clean rinse water from the sink when i can be bothered.

thecritic, May 1, 12:49pm
Now you have a first hand understanding of the trials of christchurch eastside post feb 22 2011. This is not a jibe at anybody.We had to collect rain water just to survive much less water the garden. Suggestion: collect washing machine water in a big (210 litre/ 44 gallon drum or drums and use that water to refresh your garden. We did this for years.

Mr thecritic