Labour only square meter rate? New Home

pongadude, Feb 26, 7:51am
Hi guys. Can anyone out there give me a standard per square meter labour only rate. Average three bedroom brick and tile home. Cheers

daz1968, Feb 26, 8:25am
I own my own Decorating business,for an interior it really depends on trim,if timber windows,or just reals ( as alluminium) etc etc but generally$45 a square metre which includes gst and paint,but if your talking outsides no one does square metre rates for that

fordkiwi27, Feb 26, 9:00am
to build! around$2000 for very basic.

timbo69, Feb 27, 8:32am
dreamer, golden homes are $1100 sq/m for basic house. labour only would be much less than that.

superoman, Feb 28, 9:59am
Work designing houses, with supply and build. $80 sq metre for builder, plus brick layer, plus roof install

kandjaja, Feb 28, 9:03pm
$80 sq metre!
You are completely mad.
No builder in their right mind will do labour only for that - esp an LBP

210sback, Mar 30, 2:10am
Labour only about 110-120+gst maybe cheaper if cladding is brick.