Installing home theatre wall plate.

bestgames, Jan 19, 8:13am
Just curious if anyone has any advice or warnings before I install a wall plate for our home theatre cables to send them up into the roof cavity then along and back down to each ceiling mounted satellite speaker. It has an hdmi slot with a simple female hdmi jack in the back and I already have a 10m hdmi cable so I plan to drill a large enough hole in the top plate of the wall to push the hdmi cable, and hopefully the 6 speaker cables, down into the wall cavity and then fish them out the hole made for the the wall plate.

No mains power involved, does anyone anticipate a breach of branz regulations or building or fire codes etc etc!

russ18, Jan 19, 8:22am
No dwangs then! apart from that it sounds like a good plan.

bestgames, Jan 19, 9:38am
The spot for the surround audio plate is in a recess that is under a high cupboard (needs some probing) so once through from the cupboardabove the recess I'll mount the plate somewhere above the first dwang.

The hdmi out will be on a wall in the lounge high up in that top cavity to have as short as possible run to the tv which is above the fire (hasn't died yet), there will be power cables in there somewhere but I'll go slow and make sure not to cut into anything behind the wall - should be a foot over or even in a separate cavity. Don't mind cutting into walls but I'm hesistant to drill through the structural timber.

taipan4, Jan 19, 7:28pm
Should not be a problem when you see the holes that plumbers make, drilling one or two rows of dwangs wont cause your house to fall down,although maybe make them slotted rather than takeout too much timber

golfaholic2, Jan 19, 7:53pm
I came across a few issues
1 - make sure the bracket is dead center of the area if your after symmetry- i.e. dont rely on the play of the bracket if it has leeway for the TV , when you get a bigger TV you will lose that play .
2- keep the power point away from the bracket- failing to do so causes all sorts of probs with mounting the bracket , TV and any tilting on the TV
2.5 - keep the exit point for any cables away from the bracket - refer above
3- make provision for way way more cables than you expect to ever want to run inside the wall .- I started at 1 HDMI , and now have squeezed in a USB , TV arial , return Optical and 2nd HDMI cable .
4 - dwang the wall for a bracket twice the size of the intended bracket .at some point you may want to go from a 50inch to 65 inch TV , which requires a bigger bracket ARGH .got around that issue thankfully

Dwangs are not really that structural .more there to stop the studs twisting as they play no part in the bracing, assuming of course they are not angled dwangs forming 90% of said bracing

bestgames, Jan 20, 7:42pm
By slotted are we talking making a cut into the side and the cables going beteen dwang and plaster board!

guest, Oct 10, 10:54pm
You can not connect the new DVD ot Blu Ray disc paeylr directly to the old home theater system you have. But you can connect it directly to the tv and then connect an optical cable from the tv to the home theater to get the sound. You can also connect the optical cable directly to the home theater. Hope this will help you out.

guest, Oct 13, 8:10pm
short answer: yes, but your nontmclaeure is off. there are dvd's (digital video discs) and bd's (blu-ray discs). the encoding of each, and the type of player used to read each, is different. but yes you will be able to play both old-school DVD's and the high-def blu-ray discs on your playstation 3; and yes, use HDMI cables for your connections to get the best-quality picture.

guest, Jun 2, 12:07am
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