Home Brew Beer Kits

markv1, Oct 22, 7:55am
Can anyone recommend some good home brew beer making kits?
Looking at it being a hobby as well a thirst quencher with summer coming on. Has anyone had any experience with starter kits for the Brewshop - they sell for around $350 - any good or should I look at something bigger?

budgel, Oct 22, 9:30pm
I started brewing with a 20 litre pail with a lid. The pail originally held a commercial quantity of mayonnaise. I bought a plastic air lock and away I went. I still use that system as 20 litres a time is manageable for me.

I like the Coopers ingredients kits which cost around around $13 at the supermarket. I bottle in PET bottles which are cheaper full of Pams Ginger ale than empty from suppliers.

$350 buys quite a lot of beer, consider putting your own components together.

wheelz, Oct 22, 9:30pm
in Levin . $98.00 . $350 is over the top!
All you'd need to buy is a capper $33.00 , $6:50 pkt of crowns. We bought a crate of empties from a liquor store for approx $10, cleaned and sterilised. all good.

wheelz, Oct 22, 9:34pm
Or Lower Hutt
http://www.greatexpectations.co.nz/shop/Beer+Making/Starter+Brewery+Kits/Mangrove+Jacks+Starter+Brewery.html It doesn't say what's in it. a visit to the store and you'll know, any extras aren't expensive. And you'll be tempted by the range of beers to make! Or if you want to spend more than $100

lythande1, Oct 23, 1:03am
+1 husband does the same, Coopers and he has 2 of the old style brew containers - bought off Trademe ages ago.
Hauraki Home Brew place good for stuff like the sterlilising solution. (Not the kits - he buys that at Pak N Save)

cleggyboy, Oct 23, 1:39am
I brewed more batches than I can remember, used to have two tanks on the go. Mostly I brewed Geordie Lager I bottled into 500ml brown plastic bottles, so I bottled one batch and immediately put down another.
Gave it up cos I developed a kind of gout, but it only affected me with yeast type beers, the chemically brewed brewery beers don't affect me.

xs1100, Aug 22, 3:49am
get the kits from the supermarket but throw the yeast away and get a better quality from yr local brew shop and leave down as long as possible plenty of cheap starter kits on here